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Mflb Trouble

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by InsrtCleverName, May 29, 2013.

  1. i bought my mflb spring break and for a while it worked totally fine (great conservative way to get high) the trenches lasted forever and i could vape them to almost black/dark brown before i got the taste of smoke (the trench was burned). Now all of a sudden for some reason i take a couple hits of the trench (it still is green with no are scarce signs of brown) but my mouth fills with smoke. I have tried different hit techniques and mixing bowl up every or every few hits.

  2. Maybe it's the speed of your draw
  3. Might be holding the battery in for to long even though you might think not just ease on the battery if same thing happens buy new batteries if problem still occurs then it is the mflb and you can renew your warenty and if
    U live at home u can get it delivered to a UPS store near you and pick it up there for a small amount of money but that's only if u need to get the mflb
    ShippedTo you
    sorry if this is weird on my iphone
  4. Recently change herb?
  5. is the light indicator on?
  6. Maybe your herb is dry? I dont have much experience with mflbs, but perhaps its too close to the heating element even?

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