MFLB stealth tactics thread.

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  1. This thread is for you to discuss the tactics and tools you use to vape in public with the MFLB.

    Personaly, I enjoy the thrill of vaping in public and no one having a clue I'm high as shit. They might think that I'm high, but they just don't understand how I'm getting high right in front of them. The thrill is nearly as good as the high.

    For instance, I brought my MFLB to a BETA state convention a few years ago. It was stupid now that I think about it but no one had a clue. It was all smart people so teachers would have never thought anyone was high. In fact, I vaped while the assistant principal of my school was sitting in the seat next to me, and she never had a clue. It was so fucking awesome.

    I have developed some tactics that I use to conceal my MFLB and felt they needed to be shared, I would also like to hear what other do to remain stealthy.

    Warning: if you plan to vape in public with someone else, make sure they understand how to use the MFLB. I let my cousin use it at a confirmation retreat, the room smelt like burnt bud, no one knew who or what it was ;)
    But still make sure the other know how to use it, give them a crash course on a bowl before proceeding to vape in public.

    I found this works great in cold weather and you have long sleeves or a jacket.
    Use just a battery and the bowl only, not the tube. Put your sleeves slightly over your hands and put the vape in your left hand. Use your ring finger to push in the battery. Pull your hand up like your coughing, inhale. Shake your hand to shake the bowl, "cough" or "yawn" again. It's a good trick, and considering no one knows a vape can fit in the palm of your hand, no one knows.

    That is one of many stealth tactics I use, but know I want to hear yours.
  2. I walk around with short sleeves holding that shit in my right hand out in the open.
  3. I just do it, no one really ever questions me or looks twice.. So far. I guess I would just tell them its a new inhaler or something.
  4. I have the extension tube for the MFLB so i keep the flight in my sweater and just take rips wherever. Movies, Hotels, bus stop? lol :smoke:
  5. I got a long plastic whip at the hardware store that fits the glass perfectly, so I keep mflb in my pocket and run it through my long sleeve, and take rips while palming my mouth in the grocery store
  6. I like a good left hand cup grab on the box. I call it the "pre-coughing" technique.

    Not exactly stealth, but when asked "what's that?" I've told people it's a:

    Wooden asthma inhaler
    AA battery cellphone charger
    mp3 player

    and every time they just say "oh that's cool" and move on.

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