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  1. variations of this thread have been posted multiple times but i have a few specific questions about it.

    1. how is the smell? me and my roommate sometimes smoke 7-10 grams in a night. if we were to vape the equivolent of this with the mflb with a towel under the door, fan, sploof, blowing it out the window. how bad would it smell during and after the sesh in our dorm and out in the halls. and does it smell like burnt popcorn?

    2. how efficiant is it? like i said me and my roommate can smoke alot in a smoke sesh how much weed aprox. would we need to get us to the same level as 7 grams.

  2. well first off you jacked my name.

    1. minimal smell just open a window and your good.
    2. the mflb is very efficient you will definitely cut down to a few grams at most. the more important issue is how much you like the high from a vape. its way different, ore of a sativa high and some people don't like it.
  3. Compared to smoking, you'll save at least half of what you usually smoke.
  4. Remember, VAPOR is not SMOKE. smoke smells and the smell lingers. As long as you don't accidently combust, there won't be any noticable smell. It's also ok to hold vapor in your lungs for a while(unlike smoke) so if your really concerned about smell, just hold the vapor in until nothing is exhaled.
  5. haha yeah i did jack your name... but our nieghbors are douches and know we smoke will there be any weed smell out in the halls?. i heard the vapor smells like burnt popcorn is this true? and does the smell eventually linger? like will the room have a faint smell of weed or what ever the vapor smells like after like 3 months of heavy use. and one last question could i potentially only use a sploof, open window, fan towel under the door but not blow it directly out the window and still not have a smell?
  6. jacking is kinda cruddy.

    if you plan on vaping 7-8 grams you will prolly need to buy atleast 6 more rechargeable batteries..

    smell won't stick to anything in your living quarters, the most you will prolly have is a huge vapor cloud floating around and that will dissipate after while.

    i suggest getting a whip or a bag vaporizer if you plan on using large amounts, something that plugs into the wall instead of batteries..just seems like it would be less of a hassle.

    good luck dude.
  7. Did you even read my post??

    And a towel under the door is a bad idea, because you can see it from outside and it DOESNT promote good ventilation.

    Just an open window would do and you don't even NEED that.

    Burnt popcorn smell means the vapor is too hot. Vapor doesn't really smell more then the weed itself.

    Always hold vapor in your lungs for at least 10 seconds, or until nothing is exhaled. It won't damage your body since there's no smoke at all.

    And NEVER say shit like "I SMOKED from a VAPORizer" because you will be flames and you shouldn't smoke from vaporizers.

  8. ya get something like the volcano vape or something like that the mflb is more for portability and the more expensive ones are gonna generaly be more efficient and will be less hassle if your having a long smoke sesh.
  9. yeah i would get a bag or whip vape but the mflb is cheap, small and im planning on getting a battery charger that will charge the NiMH batteries in 15 min and comes with 4 extra ones.
  10. You can always get a bag or whip type unit in the future, just make sure to DO YOUR RESEARCH on

  11. So true, and you're not going to get massive rips out of it but it will defiantly get you higher than ever, just learn that curve.
  12. 1. It won't smell as long as you take care of it correctly.
    2. More efficient than any mode of combustion you could get.

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