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  1. mflb appreciation would have been a more appropriate place to post. The mflb is made of food grade materials with high end sodder used so there is nothing but cannibanoids. The dragon lite is of questionable quality and their website q&a is mostly sol. Mflb is a great product, great customer service and a great company. Go with mflb. There is hardly any smell on a fresh trench. A chocolate covered avb trench smells faintly like burnt popcorn.
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    I bought an MFLB the day before 4/20 this year as a treat to myself. I love that little bastard. One trench gets me ripped. Mine came with the glass stem, but that broke and actually left a nasty cut on my hand haha. Now I just use it native. Works great. I can't give you any reason to not buy one.
    The smell is not bad at all. That was one of the reasons I bought it. I have used it at the movie theater when I went to see Iron Man 3 and no one knew. I can't give this thing enough praise. Like Chrislee said, it smells a bit like burnt popcorn. The part the smells the most is the actual weed itself when you are loading it.
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  4. also, can MFLB be used with hash, or just green?
  5. Both, they make a tray that fits in the trench to vape hash.
  6. Great, thanks!
    Does it ship with the tray, or do i buy it separately?
  7. I actually bought one of those Dragon Lite vaporizers on eBay that you have linked there last week. It's really good and because you are buying it through eBay from a seller with a good reputation you can return it if there is something wrong with it. i wouldn't even bother trying to return it from the actual company that makes them though. all i hear is bad things

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