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  1. So I bought a MFLB a while back and I loved it lol but then I bought my brother's Da Buddha, and sadly the Launch Box was put away from about four months. But with school the Launch Box would be perfect between classes so I tried to use it and it's not working. Like I can see the heating element still glows, but not quite as bright as it used to. I'm assuming it's probably the batteries are dying, and not the actual Box. But I would like to get the opinions of some experienced users before I go out and spend the money on new batteries. Any possible solutions are appreciated [​IMG]
  2. Definitely the batteries. Get the powerex 2700's.
  3. sounds like the batteries, but it never hurts to clean the contacts, it could be a little corroded from sitting around.
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    Let me tell you, I used the same stock batteries from last February until a week ago and the change is HUGE. My magic flight went from not even being able to make visible vapor and taking 2 batteries to make half a trench yellow and taking an ENTIRE HOUR to vape. Now that I got the powerex 2700s this thing works amazingly. It comes everywhere with me.

    I can easily get a trench completely black in 12 minutes now without combustion.

    Also do a full cleaning with the help of this video:


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