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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by OGzium, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. how can i get a mflb shipped to my house without my parents knowing? if not, can you buy a MFLB at any retail stores or smoke shops?
  2. Look up amazon boxes. It's basically a pickup center for Amazon orders so you don't have to ship it to your house. I highly doubt they'll have it in your area though
  3. Yes smoke shops sell them for 100$ maybe you can find cheaper though. On amazon you can get a better deal tho.
  4. lol when it reaches it doesn't have the name of the item. Itll come in a box with amazon tape all over it and your name + tracking number. Just say its something else when it comes, or go outside to greet the ups man in a stealthy manner when he arrives.

  5. really? I've never seen it in a smoke shop. I think that might be my best option

  6. no the dont. I live in a small version of detroit named stockton. 2nd or 3rd highest crime rate in Cali. stockton is like one of the largest cities to bankrupt. our only pride is that Nick Diaz was born here...

  7. I actually got mine from a LHS in my area. :D
  8. Anywhere you can find a bowl, you can usually find a MFLB or other vapes. In less the smoke shop dinky.

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