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    I bought the new batteries offered by MFLB not long ago. Last night the batteries were really hot when I took them out of the charger. I didn't leave them in there too long, because I had them plugged in where I could see the green light.
    I contacted MFLB because now my LB won't heat up. I don't see any holes in the screen. Did those batteries do something to wreck the  box? I have to email them pictures again and I am bummed because I don't want to be without it.

  2. if other batteries don't work , then maybe there's something wrong with the connection . maybe the heat damaged the circuit.
  3. Yeah, I tried other batteries. This bums me out cause it will be the 2nd time I've had to get another one. Seems like these things break easily. The warranty is great, but it's a PITA to have to go through it again and be without it.
  4. Did you try it without the foam pushback ring?  Sounds to me like the battery is not making good contact and there is probably nothing wrong with the box.  Is the light turning on at all?
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    What you described is a bit confusing.
    You said they were very hot in the charger. But didn't make any mention of if they worked in your box at all before it ceased working. Were you vaping and the box conked out? Or did they just not work at all in the box after the charge?
    Also did you stick them into the box when they were hot off the charger? Or did you let them cool down?
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    I've had the batteries a couple of weeks. They were working fine until this last time.
    I let them cool down. Then hours later I tried to use the box. It won't heat up. The light is on, but it won't heat up. I tried the orignal stock batteries, and I have a set of the 2700s and none will make the box heat up.
  7. It'd say utilizing the warranty is your easiest bet.
  8. Yeah, I have sent them an email. They are easy to deal with, but i hate being without it. It takes awhile. after you email pictures of the serial number to them, you have to wait  to get an email back telling you how long it's going to take.
    Beat. At least you know they will take care of you. Just have to play the waiting game.
    I've been very paranoid that my box will burn out ever since I got my power adapter.
    I gotta ask again.. Did you try it without the battery pushback ring?  If the light comes on and you aren't getting enough heat it could simply be that the battery is not making good enough contact because of that annoying foam ring.
  11. How do you get the push back ring ou?
  12. I will try that. MFLB has not gotten back to me . I am sure with the holiday, things are delayed.
    I would be so happy if I got that ring out and it worked.

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