MFLB powerex 2700 questions

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by footballkid001, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Ive had my mflb for a few monts and at first the oem batteries worked quite well, sometimes getting my through 2 trenches on a single charge. nowadays though, they dont last nearly as long, which is obviously to be expected. Anyway so about a week ago i bought a pack of 4 enercell 2500 mah nimh batteries, and these things just suck. like they are brand new, dont give very thick hits at all and die after like half a trench. Ive heard powerex 2700 were the best, but 2700 is only slightly higher than the enercell's so i dont see how it can be that big a difference. Basically just wondering how long the powerexes last and if it is worth it to buy some online bc there nowhere to be found in stores
  2. I dont have those batteries myself, but i do hear they work wonders. Id order them of youre not content with the stock batteries because youll probably see a great improvement.
  3. [quote name='"footballkid001"']bumpp[/quote]

    My response may be the only one youll get, but seriously get them. Cant be that exspensive just check amazon.
  4. Get the 2700's they are really nice man. more powerful than the other batteries.
  5. Yeah I have the 2700's and they are amazing
  6. do rechargeable dub A's go any higher than that?
  7. Not really. A few advertise 3000mah but then in the fine print say 2200mah.

    I have the 2700's, they do take longer to charge with the stock charger, and won't hold a charge as hold as the stock batteries (couple days?), but you can definitely get more hits per charge.

    I rotate 2 2700's and the 2 stock batteries, 4 batteries are plenty enough for the day (or 2).
  8. if i still had my mflb id just order the stock ones from mflb.the powerex ones were ok but i was able to get thick hits just fine with the stock ones and the powerex batteries i got died extremely fast(1 trench per battery TOPS) and took longer to charge.
  9. 2700 powerex changed my view on the MFLB. Before I got them I was using Energizers and the stock batts that came with the MFLB.

    Before I got the 2700's my MFLB wasmore of a toking novelty/toy. After I started using them my MFLB became more of a toking tool. Lasted longer and started getting thicker hits and therefore more "lifted" after use.
  10. ^ Exactly. The Powerex batteries make all the difference. You're gonna be kicking yourself for not getting them sooner.

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