Mflb Or Solo?

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  1. Ok so i am interested in buying a vaporizer, still not too sure what to get. I was leaning towards with a MFLB or a Solo? I am in a budget and was wondering which. Or if not these what? Preferably under 200$

  2. Solo, no question, MFLB is not even close.
    Not going to get better than $160 ( for the Solo unless you're willing to spend $250 on the other portables.
  3. thank you for your feedback but why is it no question? could you do pros and cons?
  4. MFLB is a nice little vape especially for the what it costs and the lifetime warranty, but the solo blows it out of the water imo. Like MR_ said, go to puffitup for the solo right now, its a great deal.
  5. how long will it be on sale for do you know?
  6. Even if it isn't on sale there for very long, you can usually pick up that vape from ebay for around 140 -160 from relatively reputable dealers
  7. If you want a little more info
    MFLB: cheaper, smaller, more stealthy vape than the solo
    Solo: better vapor quality, longer battery life
    Personally for me vapor quality is basically my only concern when it comes to vapes so I would recommend the solo along with the other people it just is a better vape.
    But depending on budget, stealth or whatever other requirements you have the MFLB could suite you well.
    Also you can get them for $150 on ebay if you want to save another $10
  8. I own both and the solo is way better. Mflb is only for stealth. I got my solo on eBay brand new for 138.00. With free 2 day shipping
  9. I have yet to try the solo, but I do have an MFLB and I love it. The reason I decided to reply to this is becasue I am currently using my MFLB lol. Over the $200 budget ($250), though, the pax ploom is a nice vape as well. I'll have to look into the solo
  10. Congrats on adding nothing of substance to this thread. The internet awards you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
  11. The irony of me being a redhead and having no soul.. 
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    I have owned both of the vaporizers, Solo is the way to go.
    The MFLB is good at what it was designed to be: a small portable device. I hit it in a public bathroom for gods sake! But it pretty much stops there if you don't have many batteries or are not really committed to learning how to use it.
    The Solo is really simple to use and gives far bigger clouds than the MFLB. It's turn on, heat up and inhale. You can give it to your friends and they can use it easily, if you've ever owned an MFLB you'll struggle teaching others how to "micro hit" or stuff like that. You can realistically get about 7-8 usages out of it if you run it on 4 (the thing they do to it is make 4 usages make the battery go to zero to make you charge it but you still got a few usages out of it).
    Puffitup Code I don't think that this will go up anytime soon, they get so much more money doing it this way. :wave:
    I loved my MFLB for what it was too, but the Solo is so much better in many ways. Also the Pax can't beat the Solo for it's price and performance. You can use the Solo over and over and over and not clean it. The Pax you have to clean every few sessions to make it run like it used to to even give clouds. :wave:
  13. Again, I say I'll have to give the solo a try. There is another little mini vape my local shop just got in that is about the size of a Bic lighter. I just can't remember the name :/ Will get back on that later after I go today.
    Thank you for replying to me and not just bashing my post lol.
    I've gotten better at not getting people mad at me debating over vapes. :laughing:
    If it's the Pinnacle by VaporBlunt, it's a good convection vape with a short battery life (approx. 40 mins on low setting, lower on the high setting) and it doesn't go over 380ËšF. IMO that's not high enough, the Solo goes to 410ËšF but I like mine just under 400.
    But please be careful with small and cheap vapes, and pen vapes as well. :D
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    I never used a solo , but either or , you'll be very satisfied with the mflb. This thing can be a heavy hitter with the right equipment.  all you gotta do is buy this  filter pipe and use it with the mflb.
    It takes me a couple hits to fully brown half a trench.So this thing packs a punch. if you buy a mflb package with extra batteries , rotating them while keeping a spare is a cinch.So realistically , you'll never be in a panic if you got 4 batteries and remember to charge the spares.
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    Just tried my buddy's Solo and it is AMAZING! The MFLB might work, but it's going to involve a lot more inconvenience. You have to hold the battery in, making sure you rotate the herb so it doesn't burn, and there's no temperature control.
    The Solo has variable temp, amazingly fast heat up times, convection heating so you will never fry your buds, you don't have to hold a battery in like a fkn retard, just push a button and vape. It also has a smaller bowl so you can vape more efficiently
    He got his on ebay for about the same price as a MFLB, shit's legit!
  17. I've owned both, Solo hands down any day. I paid $90 for mine used on craigslist and it works fantastic. 
  18. my solo is better than my dbv and the launch box becomes tedious so go for the solo if you can. amazing vape
  19. Just bought solo yesterday thank everyone for their feedback and assisting me to make a good decision I thank you all!

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