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  1. i only have 100 dollars help !!!:smoke:
  2. Half oz.

    MFLB is overrated and only good if you've never had any other vape and it's overpriced. A joint gets me more stoned.
  3. i would get a half.
  4. Fuck the Mflb look into the pulsar7
  5. Well I dont understand the hate on the mflb cause its an great personal piece thats lets you medicate almost everywhere if you like the vape high then get a mflb its not as good as other vapes but for the price its worth it and 15% off on puffitup with code puffedup atm
  6. half zip

    If you want a vape, save your money for something else. This coming from a previous MFLB owner
  7. mflb with power adapter. i vape 3 times a day and an eighth lasts me like 2-3 weeks
  8. Get a vape, you'll end of saving weed in the end since you'll be vaping. So no need to buy half an oz for the supply
  9. Halfo bro! Dont need a mflb if theres no green on the scene! Kick it old school and twist up yo zag's!
  10. I'm trying to make a similar decision, only with a NO2 vape.
  11. Last I heard Vitolo had good luck with the NO2. It would be a much tougher decision
  12. HALF OZ are you serious ?! your gonna get the mflb nd not have shit to smoke with it lol
  13. [quote name='"OG IronLungs"']Halfo bro! Dont need a mflb if theres no green on the scene! Kick it old school and twist up yo zag's![/quote]

    THIS^ except twist up some marleys :3 :smoke:
  14. Half ounce.

    Vapes aren't worth it unless you get a better one than that. The MFLB SEEMS great at first but once you've built up a tolerance you start to use it less and less.
  15. neither. save up, take a t-break if necessary to conserve $$$.
    then, but a half AND a vape, preferably something a bit nicer than the mflb. and enjoy.

    though, that's only if you REALLY want to switch to vaping only or something, and soon. otherwise, might as well buy the half and keep smoking, save up whenever possible. :smoke:
  16. If you're gonna sit there and ask a bunch of online stoners if you should get herb or pipes, you already have a half zip. You can get hella stoned out of nothing but an apple.
  17. thanks blades....getting a half
  18. Get an MLFB for $79 off Amazon, spend the rest on bud,
    you'll be vaping it for like 2 weeks to a month :)
  19. I agree about the MFLB. I enjoyed mine for about 2-3 weeks until I built up a tolerance for it. Vaping a trench requires you to actually put some thought into the process, and can take 15 minutes to finish a trench. Usually you need 2 trenches to get a good high, fuck spending 30 minutes to get a buzz.

    Unless you have the funds for a better vape, get the half.

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