MFLB or GPen Snoop Dogg?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DiamondSupply, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Im buying on ebay, yes I know, but I don't have 130$ to spend. If found a deal for the MFLB on ebay at 90$(final price+shipping)
    And the gpen snoop dogg at like 80$ I think.
    Which one is the best. In terms of:
    • Taste
    • Vaporizing Experience
    • The High
    • Your personnal experience.
    Thanks fellow blades !!

  2. For dry herbs?   Hands down.........the MFLB.
  3. I am not going into detail about this one but I can say do yourself a favor and go with the MFLB. You'll thank us later lol.
    Have a good one.
  4. mflb hands down
    been using one daily for 3 years
  5. if you want a vaporizer, then get the MFLB.
    if you want an electronic one hitter that combusts, then get the GPen.
  6. MFLB man.... one of the best investments i ever made. Plus, i read that the snoop pen is just a real nice e cig

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