MFLB not working?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by loprid, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, I have had the MFLB for several months, and I have not once gotten high off of it. I know people are going to tell me that I am using it wrong or that it is broken, but the light lights up, and vapor forms and the weed browns, so I feel like I am using it right and it is not broken. I am using very good weed. Why might it not get me high??
  2. This reallly confuses me becuase i had a MFLB and it worked fine for me for about 3 monthes. Then the batteries died and it would take me 1 hour just to smoke a bowl. I think your problem might be that you are using it wrong or that you have shitty weed.
  3. Take like a dozen hit off it in a row.
  4. I'm not saying you don't know how to hit the box, but check out some videos on youtube for the MFLB they can be really helpful with tips ect. I believe they are on the website too it talks about hitting in pulses to let the box heat up before "sipping" the vapor. Thats how I do it the bast way to describe it is without a seal around your lips and the steam suck air in from around and inside the stem that creates the best air speed to vape imo.

    I also recently attached mine to my bubbler and it is much easier to control the speed of vapor and you can see the vapor thickness. I get much bigger hits with it and It gets me high and vapes the trench much quicker.

    Other then that new batteries or the PA, although I cant suggest the PA unless you become satisfied.
  5. This is sad to hear as a frequent MFLB user. It took me literally a month to get it right though. You'll get it dude. Like rollbud above me said check out the videos. That's what helped me
  6. Ok thank you for the comments everyone! I have watched a lot of videos, but still not entirely sure what I am doing wrong. I will try some more... I lost the tube that attaches to the hole... Does it make much of a difference? I generally tend to hold the battery in about 8-15 seconds while slowly breathing in for each hit.
  7. No the mouthpiece is not necessary. I hold down the battery for about 4 seconds before inhaling, then hit it until I have no more room in my lungs.

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