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MFLB not getting me high

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by phantomxrider, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. man, this sucks. the MFLB used to get me high, and i knew i was hitting it correctly. but (this might sound weird) it was a "fragile" high and anything could snap me out of it. now i've been sitting here for 4-7 trenches and not even feeling a buzz. it used to take me 2 trenches. but everywhere i go, i'd see things like "this thing gets me comepletely blazed off .3"

    do you think i got a bogus one?
  2. there is a difference, a vape high isnt the same as smoking high
  3. ^i noticed that the difference when i smoke buds or vape them is that vaping them doesnt really get me baked, its just not the same.
  4. same..i got mine in a couple weeks ago. i hear all of the good reviews..but mine has only had maybe 3-4 trenches ran through it. i can't hit it that many times and still not get high! i would have to take like 50 rips, which is 3-4 trenches and a couple batteries later to get a buzz! i always just end up grabbing the bong to take care of business. am i doing something wrong?
  5. I've got a Vapor Brothers and can't get properly baked with it either. A vape high is too much in the head and not enough body. I've perfected usage and am bitterly dissapointed. The bong usually makes it rotation with a glass spoon. Combustion for the win. And yes I know it's my body fighting off the carcinogens. Keep on fighting cause vaping ain't for me.:smoke:

  6. this.
  7. I used to use a vapor brothers vape and I really dug it but it is different. I agree it does seem more "fragile" but I personally prefer to vape only when watching sports. I'm still chilled and relaxed but I'm not so relaxed that I can't get into the game.

    I guess the point to this is to find an activity you do what works really well for you with the vape high.
  8. A. smoke better weed
    B. maybe your battery is shot
    C. Vape a trench of kief
    D. Grind your bud up finner
    E. ISO wash the screen, it may be res-clogged.
  9. for everyday chronic smokers.. the vapes a life saver.. Lets you function and be up and productive... Combustion if for the weekends when I wanna sit in one place for 4 hours stupid.
  10. I've never wanted to say this before, but vaporizers, (and I've smoked 6 or 7 different kinds) have never really impressed me at all.
  11. vape-bong with a da buddha, with some dank ass weed, with some dank ass bong, like just go fucking crazy, you get so motherfucking high,

  12. This...
  13. Why would I waste dank on productivity? I could just as well smoke a pinch hit and get up off my ass, but the goal is to flatten my ass against this couch for as long as it takes for my life to be wasted away. Bong > Vape.
  14. use a volcono then tell me vap>bong. Use the best vap then judge
  15. use a vape and a bong at the same time, best of both worlds
  16. I hate to say it but i really dislike threads
    like this. It is a user error, simple
    as that. I have a DBV, and there is def. A learning curve but I will and do get heavily stoned with a small amount. Yeah it is a different high, but its just as intense. No none of you are special, I'm sure it is just something you
    are doing incorrectley. Vaping is NOT smoking, they are much different. Take really small but long vapes, the key is not getting a lot in a small amount of time, but the opposite. Let the vapor stay in your lungs, exhale.
    Stop using shitty dirt mids, thats probably why alot of
    you aren't getting high and then you blame the vape. All I'm saying is there is
    an entire forum who know how to use them, we all
    get high. IT IS something you are doing wrong, so re learn take some time, and enjoy!!!
  17. i agree with this..my lw bubbler has become my main piece as of late. even at work, i sneak out to the truck and take a couple quick rips..that's all it takes. i will smoke the launch box ALL DAY at work, ripping and ripping away till my batteries die (and this is with a trench of nice nuggs..i don't smoke shit. finely ground and stirred and what-not.) and by the end i'm still not high. and yes. i have used dbv, vapor bros, and volcanos..so i understand vaping..but still do not think the results compare.

    can you pack kief in the launch box? i have been scared the oils would gum it up when heated..but this would def be something to try
  18. it's weird. like, i've had a lot of fun with the mflb and i have had times where i could live off one gram for 3-4 days with it. but i put it away and brought it back out. now i know i'm hitting it right because i'm plenty experienced with it. but now i dont even see a small cloud come out like it used to. sucks man.
  19. I will never like a vape. I would rather knife hash than hit a vape. I've smoked out of about 5 or 6 vapes, including the volcano, and never once liked it. It doesn't taste right, doesn't hit right, and doesn't get me high the way I like to be high.

    And, no, it's not weed quality.

  20. Wasting weed and harsher hits. WAY better than a bong right!


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