MFLB... how to use it?

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  1. Just got an MFLB today, any tips on how to use it. I hear the battery's don't last long.
  2. Lots of tips out there, but I'll help out. Also check out the thread on for lots of info.

    First off grind your bud really fine, it just works better that way. Also don't forget to shake the box regularly to mix up the bud and get it to brown evenly.

    Now the big stuff: the technique when drawing can make this box pretty awful if you do it wrong, and fantastic if you do it right. It takes some practice for most people, too. Basically you charge the battery, put it in the box, press down, and generally wait till you just start to see vapor coming out of the bud. Once you get really good at it you will probably know when the vapor is going to start, and you can start inhaling then, but its easiest to wait to see vape for learning. (also, when I say see the vape I mean inside the box, you don't have to wait for it to actually leak out the hole.)
    When you start drawing, the best way I have found is to do about 10-15 second draws very slowly, longer if you like, but you should shake the box a bit while hitting if it goes for longer than that. If you draw too slow you will start to taste a burnt flavor, meaning the bud is getting too hot, if so you should stop the hit, shake, and start again. If you draw too fast the bud will be too cold, and will barely vape at all, if any. If you hit it natively (without the little stem, just kiss the box) you should feel a slight warmth, but not hot, and get a nice, fresh flavor. Experiment drawing at a few different speeds to try to figure out what works best.

    The other method that works fine, but isn't as efficient, nor as tasty in my opinion, would be to let the box heat up till you see vape, take a quick puff to clear the box, let it heat up again, puff, heat, puff...basically just clearing out the box every time you see vape forming (usually about 1 second between puffs for me with a fresh battery). I only use this method if the bud is just about done, and I want to shake between every little puff to get that last bit out of it.
  3. there are quite a few slightly different methods out there, but i find people get the best results with this guys method.

  4. Yup, those guy's vids are where it's at ^^
  5. Yeah wait for the vapor to start forming, i even cover the hole with my finger sometimes ( i like hitting just the box without that tube) then when you see vapor, draw from the box for a little bit (2-4 sec), then stop (allowing it to fill back up for like 2-3) seconds), then continue to draw and repeat. This works best for me.

    Also grinding up the weed as fine as possible is crucial. And that guys vids ^^ got me started at least. You will probably tweak the method a bit.

    times are rough estimates.
  6. let us know how it works.. i would love to hear some reviews on it

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