MFLB holder, what to use?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheMomaDance, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I start college this fall, and can't wait to take advantage of my MFLB while walking around campus. I'm not worried at all about vaping around campus, as I can just use it in native mode with my hand cupped around it while walking around and nobody will notice (I do this walking around town now haha).

    What I would like to have however, is some sort of small air tight container that I can keep the MFLB that I can just stick in my backpack so that my backpack doesn't smell like vaped weed or anything while sitting in class/walking through buildings.

    Also, what do you guys use to hold your already vaped weed (if you save it)? I'd prefer to have something discreet looking so I can easily just dump it in while walking around places. Thanks!
  2. vaped weed is alright for edibles, so save your stuff up man. You can find small mason jars that are air tight to hold both your weed and vape!
  3. i keep all of my stuff in a half pint mason jar. my mflb, bag of bud, separate bag for abv, and brush to clean it. it keeps everything smell proof and it is all ready to go.
  4. Yeah use a mason jar like the above poster said. As for my ABV I just use a plastic container I got from a dispensary.
  5. You have a Container Store nearby? I bought some small containers that I put my ground up bud in for $1. Bought 4-5 of them. I keep 2 of them on me with bud, and 1 with ABV. You can search under my username for threads I've created, or search "Ryot"
  6. I have a small little rectangular plastic case that can hold my mflb, draw tube, brush, bag of pre-ground weed, and a little plastic cylinder for my vaped bud. I bought the case at Bed Bath and Beyond and Im sure they will still have it. You should go there and look at all the different containers they have. I used a small mason jar also but I could fit my 4-piece grinder and Incredibowl top in it as well.
  7. In the dishware/cooking sections of Walmart's they have a zillion covered containers, big, small, glass, plastic.
  8. Film canisters work great for abv the opening is perfect for the mflbs size
  9. I'm going to be buying an Otterbox 2000 online tonight to see if that might hold my MFLB, ABV, and a little bit of bud. I'll report back with my findings.

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