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  1. so the batteries are getting really hot on the charger and i never see the green light, but I do take the batteries off for a little bit to cool.
    I was wondering if I could use this charger [​IMG]for the mflb, or will the tip explode?

  2. How long do you leave them on the charger without seeing the green light? They can take several hours and do get warm while charging.

    I've had no problem with their charger. If there is a problem with yours I'm sure they will replace it as their customer service is amazing.
    Total crap charger.
    If you want another charger that is BETTER than the one that comes shipped with the MFLB, check out the LaCrosse BC-700 or BC 1000.    Also check out the Maha C-9000.     All three of these chargers will not only charge your batteries, but can also test them to see how much of charge they will hold and they can recondition old and worn out batts.
  4. not asking if you think charger is crap or not, just want to know if it will work?
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    If it would work well, why would I call it a crap charger?    
    Will it work?  Yeah.   Will it work well?  No.  And having batteries that are not at their best will make the MFLB not vape at it's best.
    Chargers like that typically fall in one of three camps, or possibly all three at once.
    1) A charger like that typically cannot charge just one battery at a time ie, they don't have independent charging stations.  You have to charge either 2 or 4 batteries at once and being that they don't have independent charging stations, the charger will not monitor each battery separately to tell if it is undercharged or overcharged.   It can only sum the pairs.
    2) Chargers like that are notorious for missing a termination and overcharge a batt (because of what I stated above)
    3)  Chargers like that are typically fast chargers that age your batteries really fast.....or they are over slow (I just looked at the specs for the charger you posted (Energizer CHVCM3), and it will take 10 hours to charge the MFLB batts.........that's a loooooong asssss time.    Shouldn't take more than 3 to 4 hours.
    But hey, like you said, you don't care if it's a crap charger or not, so just disregard everything I said above.

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