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  1. Just got my MFLB and I have been charging the batteries for some time, how can I tell when they are done? o.o

    Right now there's a red light on the charger indicating "Back"
    I assume that means the batteries are fitted properly in the back part of the charger.
    So, does anyone know how to tell when they're done?
  2. Pic of charger? Some MFLB chargers are different.

  3. [ame=]Hama Prima Charger - includes 4 AA Nimh Batteries: Electronics[/ame]

    Sorry I couldn't really get a good view of mine, but that's the exact one I have.
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    From the reviews:

    "I have since noted that there is no way to know if the batteries have reached the charged status and the unit is overcharging, and I do not think it switches off or reduces the power when the batteries are charged. "


    "I agree a light to see when batteries were charged would be nice, though not necessary as if you leave the batteries for a good few hours, you can usually presume they would be charged anyway. "

    Leave em in for 5-6 hours. That's how long my 2000mah batteries that came with my MFLB take :)

  5. Damn, that's a very foolish design, I'm pretty new to vaporizers, and chargers for that matter xD , any idea how long it would usually take? I just tried the battery right now with a herb, it's smoking pretty nice, it's been charging for about 5 hours. Would you think that's enough? Sorry for the off-topic question.
  6. ^ Check my previous post. 5-6 hours should be ok :)

  7. Thank you very much for the quick advice <3
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    my flight box charger has a solid red light indicating a weak battery. light turns blue when its fully charged.

    EDIT: Your batteries don't need to be fully charged to be used

  9. yeah, mine is the same.
    red = weak
    blue = charged

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