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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mental, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. If I can get a quick link to the batteries that you bought and used and are fantastic and nothings wrong with them in any way that would be great.

    Mine are committing suicide one by one, out of 6 all I have is one left which barely lights up the wee light. And the last time I went and ordered the batteries based off an olde thread they ended up not fitting.

    So yesh thats why I made a new thread for something I could obviously look up myself.
  2. awesome thankya kindly you king of kings

    does anyone know what reason the batteries would short circuit or reverse polarity for no apparent reason? I'm pretty careful not to let em touch any other metal so i'm kinda confounded on why the warning red light starts blinkin.
  3. (scratches head) Have you made sure to completely discharge them each time before recharging...also, what recharger are you using?:confused:
  4. Damn no not completely, usually I start to recharge em once the light starts to become dim but no not till it's completely out.

    I'm using an energizer 15 min charger, can't find the exact one online.
  5. i do not know muc habotu the launch box, but i do recall reading a thread about batteries not working in the unit.

    IIRC, yoiu need to strip the plasticcovering off any battery you are trying to use, because the negative node is the entire battery. thats the way its designed.

    if you havent tried that, give it a shot w/ soem of the batteries you ordered that didnt fit.

  6. probably gonna try duracell, the energizer ones that I bought dun work anymore. thanks though bro :D

    oh yeah stripped em bare sir, and yeah I've been using the ones that didnt fit. just had to hold em a particular way, but theydon't work either anymore

    now I just have to wait for financial aid :(
  7. sorry my tip didnt help ya, i wish i had more info on the MFLB, but i hardly vape anymore, unless its errls.

  8. yeah it's cool meng, thanks

    my last one just started to blink as I charged it up :(:(:(:(

    does anyone know if they have em at walmart/greens? I have a fuckload of homework to do and with adhd its very hard for me to concentrate anything for a long time. and right now smoking isn't an option.
  9. Well I walked to walgreens (2 bastard uphill miles, god damn I'm outta shape :laughing:) and sure enough they had some, after making sure online ;)

    They fit better than the energizers but still are loose as shit, doesn't really matter though long as they work. so yay!

    now a fuckton of homework. boo!
  10. 15 min chargers are not recommened, it shortens the life of the battery

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