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  1. Ive got a tad bit of battery acid in the groove on the positive side. Should I scrape it off with the tip of a knife or something non metal?
  2. You should throw it away.
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  3. reasons to back that statement up?
  4. I would either toss it or scrape with a credit card or something.
  5. Im thinking there not toss worthy since its taken quite awhile for this small amount to build up but wanted some opinions.
    Acid on a battery means that the battery is failing and leaking acid.    It means that it can not only ruin your MFLB, but may ignite in the charger as well.   
    Throw it the fuck away.
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  7. The MFLB works by essentially short circuiting the unit, in order to heat up the trench. I'm guessing if there was an acid leak it would be a safety hazard, as well as create a lot of problems.
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  8. But its the fact theres so little... idk. Id prefer not to have to order more. Id also prefer not to catch my shit on fire.
  9. Also in a paper about the charger that came with the mflb says no lights will light up when the batts are faulty.
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    Why take the fucking chance of ruining your vape, ruining your charger or catching your house on fire over the cost of a new battery.    :confused_2:
    Toss it the fuck away.   You came in here asking for advice and you've been given that advice, but now your arguing over the answer.  
    Tell ya what.   Keep the battery.  It's as good as new.   Won't cause you any problems whatsoever.    Just use it till it explodes for then and only then will you KNOW that you need a new battery.
    Unbelievable................Over and out on this one.
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  11. I wasnt ignoring your advice simply trying to get others input and further explanation. I understand theres potential for risk. No need to for the dramatic exit.
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    toss that shit, I dont know anything about batteries but potential fire sounds like a good enough reason to me. Also don't bother replacing it with amazon batteries either. Get the glyph ones from mflb probobly goes with out saying for some but just incase.

    Then again if you live close to a fire department it may be worth the trying to save 9$-15$ those guys are usally pretty quick right ?
    ; )
  13. depends on how much chili theyve had but yeah. I suppose ill wait a paycheck or two and buy the pa for the mflb. And then replacement batts after that.
  14. Don't throw it out yet bro. Hit up the fine folks at MFLB Customer Service and let them know what's going on. They're pretty chill and will more than likely send you a new battery for free and they usually will throw in some free stickers.
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  15. those f bombs are atomic man, radiating and mutating the positive vibes 😏
  16. Toss it out before you cause a fire.
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    Well then, what you may want to do if this really bothers you is to put me on "ignore" simply because using "f-bombs" is part of the way I express myself, and...............I will continue to do so.
  18. The only thing worse is douche bags talking in terms of "Positive vibes".
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    It was simply a witty reply I felt like making. No hard feelings lol. Not many have the time to get upset over internet posts. If you would like to express your frustrated state with 'fuck' who am I to judge? Perhaps I came along too friendly and you took it as an offensive reply?
    Edit: Idk you came off a little harsh on the guy and I was just there nudgin ya a bit. Sorry bout dat.
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  20. I would toss it. New batteries are way cheaper than whatever you might lose in a fire.
    Plus if the battery is old or has seen a lot of use, the performance of the replacement battery might be a pleasant surprise. I replace mine once or twice a year as they begin to fade.
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