MFLB And Amazon

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  1. I'm finally getting around to actually purchasing an MFLB, and I noticed there are currently none for sale on amazon. Do you guys think they are currently just out of stock, or are they permanently gone? And if so, is there anywhere else I can purchase it for under $100 or am I stuck paying full price?
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  3. Thanks for the link
  4. Thanks for posting this, I'm wondering the same thing about seeing if I can get one for a bit cheaper :D :smoke:
  5. You know what's funny is I actually just got mine from Amazon and just a couple days after placing the order I noticed they stopped carrying it. I actually couldn't even view the item I had placed the order for. I was a little sketched out seeing as I couldn't track it either. But it actually arrived on Monday instead of Wednesday-Friday. More on topic I'm sure they're probably just discontinuing it for the 2013 model.

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