MF DOOM - Like him or not?

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    Who's a fan? I started getting into him almost a year ago and his style is so different but still has a sick flow. MM..FOOD was the only full album I've heard from him so far (currently downloading Born Like This) but it was really a great album.

    Anybody else fuck with DOOM?

    EDIT: If there was a person who changed the name from MF DOOM to Mf doom instead of it auto doing that to caps, please change it back. His name is supposed to be spelled in all caps like that.
  2. [ame=]YouTube - Danger Doom feat Talib Kweli - Old School[/ame]
  3. i started listening to dangerdoom after looking up ATHF. I think he was a good find. nice to listen to after a bowl. :D
  4. I started listening to him a bit after listening to DangerDoom, if only because I love all things having to do with DJ Dangermouse.
    While I find his content very funny and cool, there is something about his voice that just puts me off. Unfortunately I just can't call myself a fan, despite him being "The most blunted on the map".
  5. Doom (what he is trying to go by now from what I heard last) is sick.
    Madvilliany, Def vs Doom (mf doom and mos def collab), and Operation Doomsday are the shit. I just woke up and can't remember the other albums because he has a lot of em.
  6. mm food is a fucking great album.
  7. hell yea Doom's the shit
  8. Doom is fuckin awesome. A lot of his tracks are short or not really a "full" song but his wordplay and flow is amazing
    Born Like This and Madvilliany are my favourite albums, but I've been listening to Venomous Villian (Doom under the name Viktor Vaughn) and it's pretty good. Mouse And The Mask is good but the ATHF shit gets annoying
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    I have let to listen to Born Like This but am planning on doing so right now, and the only other full album I've heard if MM.. FOOD, but I plan on downloading a lot of his material soon. It's like he talks when he raps, but not really. He just has a crazy unique flow.

    EDIT: Born Like This is ILL, especially Gazillion Ear. Just got done downloading Doom vs Def, which should be equally if not more dope.
  10. yeah Doom's amazing, operation : doomsday,, madvillainy w/ madlib, vaudeville villain (as viktor vaughn), and I got all the special herbs collection its like 10 volumes. Even his older stuff with KMD (his brother Subroc R.I.P.) is awesome. One of the only good rappers still putting out music. I really don't like his stuff with Danger Mouse though I don't know why...just never appealed to me I guess.

    Here is a dope collab with Prefuse 73 on the beat, and Aesop Rock and Doom on the mic
    [ame=]YouTube - Prefuse 73 - Black List (Featuring MF Doom & Aeosop Rock)[/ame]
  11. Used to really listen to him still has some deep tracks!!
  12. One of the few rappers I really like, my favorite music of his is off the King Geedorah album.

    [ame=]YouTube - King Geedorah - Fazers[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - King Geedorah - Anti Matter feat. MF Doom / Mr. Fantastik[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - King Geedorah-Next levels[/ame]
  13. doom is the shit., madvillainy, DANGER DOOM, Metal Fingers its all SO FUCKING GOOD whos pumped about the new one "Unexpected Guests"?????? He got so many amazing rappers on this album i cant fucking wait. any fan of DOOM is a friend of mine
  14. Unexpected Guests is the reason I wanted to post this. I can't wait for him to drop music, it's almost like waiting for Lupe to drop - dope emcees but don't release a lot of shit constantly.
  15. im willing to wait for quality songs even if it takes a few years because its an investment in something thats completely timeless
  16. doom is the best rapper in history with no competition.
  17. now i wouldnt say that
    [ame=""]YouTube - Twinz - Big Pun[/ame]
  18. DOOM is one of the best doing it right now. This is my favorite track off Born Like this.

    Skip to 1:50 if you don't want to listen to the intro but that shit is prophetic.

    [ame=""]YouTube - DOOM - Cellz [OFF "BORN LIKE THIS"][/ame]
  19. yeah I was pleasantly suprised with born like this, I'm just kind of turned off by rap these days but Doom definitely brought his A game.

    the intro to cellz is actually a poem by Charles Bukowski

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