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Mexico marches to "end the war on drugs"

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by usc13, Apr 11, 2011.

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  2. Thank god some people are changing the world. Our people wouldn't have the spine to this shit.
  3. Phew! Thank goodness for that!
  4. if only we could have something like this here
  5. Thats great just think they should decriminalize drugs and legalize cannabis
  6. its not in the US interest for Mexico to better themselves, didnt you know that?
  7. The serious problems stemming from those drugs being only sold on the black market can't be solved by keeping them on the black market. Therefore...

    Decriminalization is crap.

    The drugs have to become available completely independent of the black market.
    Decriminalization can't do that, because somebody will always take the risk to produce and distribute the drugs, and then they deserve to be compensated for being the big bust-worthy criminal while everyone else plays it safe only dealing in an ounce of weed at a time or whatever the limit is. So organized crime makes money and defends it's interests through violence as courts are generally unavailable for them, and shooting people is quicker and cheaper anyways.

    People are going to do drugs because people are free and do stuff like that.
    Education is necessary so that more people can make informed decisions about the substances they choose to consume.

    Cops and guns and cages should have nothing to do with adults choosing of their own free will to use a substance even if they may thereby harm themselves.

    tl;dr?: Drug lords can't exist without profitable products to sell on the black market.
    Decriminalization does not remove the black market, so it sucks ass.
  8. Actually, Mexico decriminalized drugs in 2009.
    In Mexico there are shootings, extortion,
    kidnappings and the such even in the
    smallest of cities due to the "War on Drugs."
  9. I would be nice, but to do something like that we'd have to... go outside:eek:
  10. how are we supposed to pay for a big ass fence if we stop gettin brick weed from mexico?
  11. uh, I tried to figure it out, but...does not compute...
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    You are not the only one.

    Isn't the states losing money to other countries because they have to import?

    Is anyone going to participate in the world march?


  13. I hope he means the person who wrote that crap and not the bereaved father.

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