(Mexico) Help: No rolling paper, bongs, pipes, chillums, hemp wicks, nothing.

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    Hey guys need help with homemade stuff. I tried apple pipes but i cant find a good screen in my house, no strainers, ive heard tin foil bad for you, also cant get the screen off my earbuds, and dont want to take off faucet thingy. I want to make a chillum or pipe that at least doesnt look like shit. im pretty amateur, i mean, i cough way too much, and when i exhale, no smoke comes out. i dont like joints/blunts, also no bongs or hookahs. i feel like i breathe more smoke than thc. ive seen guides on how to conserve weed by not torching it, couldnt i put it over something like glass/metal and heat it from below? Help me guys, im sorta desperate, i hate to have weed and not smoke it.
  2. Alright , here's a couple suggestions. -take a water bottle, use tin foil if it's your last resort, but find a ratchet and tin foil to make a bowl type piece , an aluminum can (which you can cut & tape or seal to make a downstem & bowl or whatever) and all in all create a bing of some sorts, add water, make the piece air tight to the bottle With tape or a good cutting/ burning technique, and yeah man be creative, hope you can smoke aha Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  3. thanks for replyin but bongs are a nonoSent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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    How about making a small pipe out of a carrot? You only need a carrot and a screwdriver. 1.)You just cut/bite off a little bit of the tip, you can cut off where the leaves are but thats optional. 2.)Then you jam the screwdriver in through the tip and most of the way into the carrot.3.)Then you can dig out the "bowl" of the pipe until you hit the cavity from the screwdriver and that's all there is to it. You can make the bowl the size you want it to be, just don't go to much lower than the screwdriver hole or you'll probably be eating more bud than smoking, the screwdriver cavity needs to be towards the very bottom of the bowl for optimal hitting and minimal shitting. If you want to you can dig the bowl first and then aim the screwdriver towards the bowl, but I find it easier to just dig the bowl to the channel. Also you might want to blow through it a few times to clear out any carrot particles you don't want to inhale. Here's a terrible diagram I threw together, hope it helps. uploadfromtaptalk1391419047168.jpg The red parts are where you cut/bite/dig/gouge/etc.
  5. better do the same with a banana, that tastes better :smoking:
    Haha i like that its smart lol carrot
  7. The simplest thing I've used was a can with a bunch of tiny holes in it (bowl) and you just hit through the regular mouth piece.  If you want something nicer you could use a pen and a prescription pill bottle.  Rotate your knife into it creating 3 holes.  One on the bottom of the pill bottle.  Shove the rubber grip from your pen in there and the bowl will be the tip of the pen that screws off.  Another to the side as your shotgun.  And a third for the piece of pen that you'll be hitting through.  Don't melt the plastic on the pen bowl when lighting.  For a better bowl, try to get some cone-shaped metal.
  8. Gut a lightbulb to make a vape.
    Cut the bottom off a bottle, freebase and inhale through bottle.
    Shove a screwdriver through a apple twice, one goes deeper, at a 45 degree angle, the deeper section catches most of the ash when you snap it.
    never tried this one but ive seen a bowl made of starburst, you can even eat it when your done lol.
  9. Get a pen and a socket I know you have sockets in Mexico I assume you're Hispanic so ask your tio :p lol or who ever you're with that you need it for let's say a bike or something

    Once you got it put it in a pen you can find right sizes for different pens take out the actual little pen and the spring if it had one well use that for a screen

    Get wire cutters and cut maybe a small piece around 2-3 little rings worth then press it together and put it in the pen where enough room is let for you to put in the socket you can repeat it on the other side also to secure a more chance of you getting less ash in your mouth it should be airtight and remember if it fits but doesn't go all the way in jam that bitch that should hit like a blunt pretty hard but smooth

    Try new things you'll get ideas

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  10. You, sir, have stolen my avatar! I'm meatwad. :smoke:

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