Mexico considers marijuana legislation after U.S. ballot win

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Mozambiqua, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Good shit Mexico.
  2. Fuck that.......they are gping ro makw marijjana worthless across the continent excwpt to the 1% who can prpduce such mass quanitities all local farmers will be put of business
  3. so? thats good plus there will be quality weed in Mexico if that happens.
  4. I was pretty sure everything was already legal in Mexico. This sounds like some bullshit to me.
  5. I hope they do. It's a start to disbanding cartels.
    Too many people get fucked over because of those fucking dudes.
    Of course there will still be coke and other shit for them too make trouble out of. But at least weed is something less.
  6. dude if this happens then it will be harder for governments to control the genetics of the plant and more plant genetics will be readily available from the seed carring bud they will deliver

  7. How isnthat good that marijiana will be worthless... and millions of peoe will be struggling even harder to pur food om the table... while thensuper welsthy get how.isnthay good
  8. Man there is no such thing as the cartel... they are local military enforcment. Kept to keep drug prices high hwepin and.cocain they sre not as readily.available as marikiama which is easily grown... there is to many people growing marijuana in usa and globally so they sre foinf to legaloze and make thwir peofit that way
  9. Fucking tittiy ball peopme dont think things thru.....

    Legalize it doooooood
    No f u
  10. Please, better grammar dude. It really isn't all that hard.
  11. They already have it decrimnalized up to like 10 grams or something like that. But if it becomes legal those giant fields of Mexican sativas will be able to be grown to perfection and they will quit bricking it up. Just giant burlap sacks full of giant buds for cheap as fuck. There will still be cartel violence cause its still illegal in most states so they will keep trying to get it to the market.
  12. legalize it, and that'll make one more crop that legitimate farmers and businessmen can make and market, so it won't be as profitable for the drug cartels anymore!
    I don't think it could eliminate cartel violence, but it would help decrease it some.

    That'll help eat away their money and power, help the Mexican government deal with them, and save some poor Mexican families torture, terror and grief.
  13. Yes apart from farmers and businesses it will also give Marijuana smokers the needed respite.
  14. yep, shit's goin' down!
  15. I think the us and mexico need to legalize the shit and open up trade together. There is only money to be made here. Money that would greatly benefit both struggling economys. That would shut down the cartels quick, then all they would have is hard drugs. I personaly think that the prices would go down and the quality would go up, cuz there is some stright up garbage coming across the boarded and the prices are basically cartel controled. And just think you could go pick up a bale and wouldnt have to worry about dealing with crazy ass mexican gang members.

  16. You do it for profit or passion?
  17. Don't be fucking ignorant..the laws in Mexico are just like any other country..
  18. Mexico desperately needs this.
  19. Its pretty much legal there anyways.

    I bought a half of dank within 15 feet of a police building, I lit up down the alleyway from the building and shit bricks when a cop approached me, He was only checking to make sure I wasn't breaking in to the house (we were sitting next to someones back door) then let us loose.

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