Mexico City To Consider Legalizing Marijuana

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    Mexico City To Consider Legalizing Marijuana
    The Huffington Post  |  Posted: <span style="margin:0px;">06/18/2013 4:51 pm EDT</span>

    The leftwing Party of the Democratic Revolution is preparing legislation that would make it legal to smoke weed in Mexico City, news site Sin Embargo reports.
    \nThe potentially game-changing legislation, which legislators plan to introduce in September, would allow people to grow marijuana at home, smoke it in designated clubs and carry up to 25 grams.
    Lawmakers say the bill aims to permit marijuana use for medicinal reasons, but also opens the door to legalizing its recreational use.
    \n“Most marijuana consumers aren't addicts,” Mexico City Deputy Vidal Llerenas Morales told Sin Embargo. “They aren't criminals. They are functional people.”
    \nNews of the coming legislation comes just days after ex-President Vicente Fox made a series of public statements arguing in favor of legalizing the drug as a way to wrench profits away from drug cartels. Fox said earlier this month that he'd grow weed himself if it were legal.
    \nBut the country's current President, Enrique Peña Nieto of the left-leaning Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI, in Spanish), is less convinced legalization is the way to go.
    \n“I'm not in favor because it's not just about legalizing marijuana,” Peña Nieto told CNN shortly after taking office in December. “ It seems to me that this would open up the possibility that some sectors of the population could wind up consuming much more harmful things.”
    \nMore than 70,000 people have died from violence tied to the illegal drug trade since Peña Nieto's predecessor Felipe Calderón launched a frontal assault on Mexico's drug cartels in 2006.
  2. Trip to Mexico I think!
  3. I think Nieto is afraid of the Cartels.
  4. Which one? The U.S. Government?
    Bingo! Another puppet feeling his strings pulled.
    Hey Nieto, say hello to Barry and your keepers for us.
  5. I thought it was already legal in small amounts plus a few other unmentionables.
  6. It was decriminalized in small amounts (Coke, heroin, and other drugs too as I recall?) a couple years ago, but never legalized for adults to grow their own or permit cannabis clubs as this proposes, and didn't allow for public consumption like this.
  7. Viva la mota!!!
  8. Carpool?
  9. Not a US citizen, I have to jump the fence aha
  10. Almost a year from this thread and still no changes in Mexico. Hope it becomes legal pronto
  11. Politicians always worry about addiction, but don't realize that's it's impossible to overdose, and higher potency Cannabis makes the user to consume it less -- not more. If it was lower grade Cannabis -- then they would have to consume more. 
    Divergent thinking is key. 
  12. Mmm....there was another recent article which was supposedly about the cartels not planting pot anymore because its now "worthless" down in Mexico. Well, look to Uruguay where the govt SET the price at $1 per gram. Now Mexico is intimating the same. The moves are all being made to have S. American nations with their ideal outdoor growing conditions produce the plants for pharma interests. So by taking another step to further legalize in Mexico, you'll be witnessing another "producer nation" coming into the fray. This is why our government in the U.S. has been at war down there, just as they have been in Afghanistan. Secure drug production capabilities for the world elite.
  13. Marijuana still not as "legalized" yet here is like a trapdoor between the municipal, state, federal and judicial. If this legalized but still do not know at what level yet legalized. I still do not see the pure marijuana. 
    Greetings I hope soon your comments or answers. 
    Maybe I'm wrong after all, but I feel that when I saw the news yet.
  14. Would certainly damage the cartels, not by much because they get more money in unmentionables but still would do some damage.If mexico city did do it, it would get a shitton of money for the government and allow them to fight the cartels easier. I heard its decriminalized in mexico? along with another unmentionable?

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