Mexico citizen militias battle cartels, disarm police and government officials

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  1. But those gruops of self defense have been ambushed and stuff. La Tuta, a higher up in los templarios has adressed them and spoke of voilence.
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  3. If there is heavy combat between the cartels and the citizens group as well as the govt forces, a lot of people will be displaced.

    Why is our govt openly drone bombing random ass middle eastern countries while pretending to hide and justify it.... but they won't make any comments on the atrocities going on across our own border?
    And that violence has and still does trickle into our country.

    Its all good though right?
  4. [quote name="mandrin13" post="19354937" timestamp="1389924655"]Why would the US Govt get involved?[/quote]In this day and age, why wouldn't they........
    Uhh, then why not use some World of Warcraft name? Or something along the lines of "Aztec Knights? Or Warriors of the Aztec?''.
    Instead they use knights templar and fancy themselves with these costumes ... Interesting

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