mexicans in the fast food industry

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by rwilliams, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. i\'ve been in the fast food industry for a year and a quarter, and if there\'s one thing i\'ve learned, mexicans work a lot harder than the white people. they end up getting more hours, better raises, and get away with more shit like eating food, not showing up, being illegal aliens (because they deserve to; they work a helluva lot harder than anyone else). has anyone else noticed this? why is this? btw i have several mexican friends i work with, and i very openly talk to them about this, and don\'t get offended when i say things like this. it\'s the truth. i have mucho respect for most mexicans i know, because they work their asses of. and btw if you bash mexicans in this thread, when i see you come into wendy\'s, i\'ll have my amigo jose give your sandwich a special ingrediant ;)
  2. Well not necessarily Mexicans, but Southern and Central Americans have a stronger work ethic. What we consider \"hard work\" in the US, these dudes can commit to. If there\'s one thing they don\'t fuck around with, it\'s work. I guess it can be attributed to the fact that they have to put food on the table. What better way to do this than being a hard worker?
  3. yeah, you do have to take into account what they were dealing with back in Mexico / Central America.

    it\'s for the most part an unskilled workforce, meaning you don\'t need special training, a lot like the good industry. so, when there\'s 100 other people that can and want to do your job, you probably need to bust your ass to stay in the game.

    Also, on a side note, the other night at work we were talking about unions, and we came to the conclusion that a pizza union (we work at a pizza place), would never work, because of this exact thing, an unskilled workforce. This is why all good industry will forever bust their ass for shitty money, and the corps will make out like bastards. If we try to strike, in come 30 more people who can (even though much less quality and efficiency), do our job and will do it for exactly how much we were getting paid, but them without complaint.

    Money is evil.
  4. well, that\'s a stereotype...
  5. I\'ve noticed this myself as well. Anyone that construes this as racism or sterotyping is being foolish, because it\'s really a matter of culture. Americans have all been raised to believe that they\'re going to be rich and famous, and as such consider basic labor jobs to be merely stepping stones to greater things, and look down on anyone that\'s still working in a McDonalds at the age of 30. We don\'t value work ethic, we value money.
  6. Also a stereotype...
  7. I think it\'s because they have lived in a world where they didn\'t have ANY opportunity.

    We haven\'t.

  8. a lot of mexicans are richer than I am, though, and were born in the United States in suburbs.

    and let\'s not forget the majority of poor americans are white. so it\'s more of a sociocultural economic thing.
  9. I think Mexico will beat us in lacking opportunity.

    Are they running into our country or are we running into theirs?

  10. relevance? We are talking about ppl in this country, yes?

    there is plenty of lack of opportunity here...enough to go around
  11. Caifornia is mexico, give it back, let them call us illegal aliens.
  12. do you put ants in the food?
  13. I don\'t know too many mexicans, but I will say it is true that they work pretty hard.
  14. Mexicans for the most part, have hard physical jobs that require a good work ethic.

    Eh, im sure someones going to misconstrue that sentance and call me a racist for some reason.
  15. stereotyping isn\'t exactly

    just grossly exaggerated most of the time, and sometimes flat out wrong.

    leads to intolerance
  16. mexicans work hard but imo they have no right to come to America and take jobs away from hard-wroking Americans who have history and family ties here forever... It just isnt right AT ALL

  17. How about Mexicans get on their governments ass and attempt to get rid of its MASSIVE corruption? The answer shouldn\'t always be run away to the next country. Once they get an economy going how about they build up a military and try and take it back? Complaining about what was once yours isn\'t gonna do anything. Didn\'t work for Indians at least.

    The only thing that bugs me about all the mexican immigration is the EXTREME lack of assimilation to the extent where the system has to bend over backwards to accommodate it. The Chinese person had to do it, the Russian person had to do it, the Pakistani person had to do it, the German person had to do it, but the Mexican person doesn\'t have to... wtf?

  18. I know we have a lack of opportunity here...but I know you aren\'t trying to argue that Mexico and the US have the same opportunities.

    I repeat my last statement...are we illegally working in their country or are they illegally working in ours. The answer lets you know who has less opportunity.
  19. i dont have much trouble with mexicans either born and raised here by legal parents or those with a valid green card but i shout at the top of my lungs, FUCK illegal border hoppers!!! they contribute jack shit and just take take take.

  20. And how do you think America got so rich lets take a wild guess.Slavery,rape,lie\'s,deciet yada yada yada,we could just say it was raised from sin.

    As far as mexicans go just let them have there 6-8.50 an hour,go to school and learn something if it bother\'s you that much.(If your not already enrolled)

    To all those patriots I\'m not bashing the U.S [COLOR=\"RoyalBlue\"]cause every great nation is built on genocide.[/COLOR]:rolleyes:

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