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  1. So I'm goin on a cruise this week, with family (hey, they're paying lol) and one of the stops is Cozumel. Yeah, probably all know where this is going. But I'm not asking for hookups or advice, lol.

    But anyways my aunt and I start talking over a few beers, and she drops a bombshell on me. She is the most straight-laced, law abiding person in my family. She goes...i'll have to find a way to break loose in cozumel to get to the pharmacia to score some benzos. i'm all out from my last cruise. LOL. My jaw just dropped. Fuckin hilarious.

    Now i'm not a benzos guy, but if I had the chance to score a hundred bucks worth of oc's i'd do it in a heartbeat. I might look into it. I'm nervous about gettin that shit back on the boat though, with dogs sniffing my luggage and what not. Last thing I want to do is explain to my folks why i scored a sackful of controlled substances on a family vacation. LOL.
  2. you know where your going to have to hide it?
  3. OC isn't a benzo.
    but um, good luck?
  4. ive heard you can just go in and buy xanax in mexican pharmacies...not sure about OC's.

    and i dont think bringing them back should be a big deal, cruises dont have drug sniffing dogs and i have friends that have brought weed on cruises plenty time

  5. There's a douche bag on every thread, isn't there.

    Let me rephrase: I'm not much of a benzos guy, but I like the occasional Oxycodone. If I had the chance to score a sackful of pills i'd jump on it.:hello:
  6. Oh I get it, you aren't much of a benzo guy so you take opiates instead.
  7. Almost every pharmacy down there bud.

    Have great fun. You will not need to hide it in your ass as some dude mentioned above.
  8. If i was being a "douche bag" I would of said "OC isnt a benzo moron its an opiate" or something like that.

  9. Im pretty sure the dogs arnt sniffing for something that's legal with a perscription... at least that wouldnt make sense to me, theyd have to stop and search alot of people just to find a script bottle.
  10. 1. You can score damn near anything from a Mexican Pharm.
    2. If the pharmacist questions you, say you left them at home or ran out. They will usually write you a script on the spot. Also, money talks in Mexico.
    3. Don't go to the nicest pharmacy. Go to the one that looks a little run down. Chances are they want your money and will gladly help you.
    4. Don't ask for an obscene amount of pills. 50-100 is plenty. Not 500.
    5. Dogs don't sniff for pills although I would crotch those fuckers so they're not in your pocket. A bulge in your pocket may raise suspicion. And you do not need to shove them up your ass. Just be smart and be careful.
    6. It's Mexico... have a blast!!!

  11. Thanks yo!

    I had similar thoughts about heading for rundown pharmacies.
  12. I cant wait Im going to mexico for spring break, Im gonna try to score at least 100 oxycodones, or roxi's or anything. Take half for myself and break even with the other half ;)
  13. all this false info these ppl r givin u makes me chuckle

    my boy jus got back from mexico(hes full blown mexican) n he tried gettin xanax n they told em its a controlled substance and you need a perscription from a mex docotor. so there u go.
  14. Then he probably went to the wrong kind of pharmacy. Because I know for a fact that my friend got 2 bottles of loratab last year on spring break.
  15. Get the man at the pharmacy to write you a script, then legally they have to let you take it in the ship.
  16. Good point.
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    Cozumel? So you're going to the Miami port. There aren't ANY dogs last time I went, and that was less than a year ago, last January. I could have sneaked dank, smelly weed in my pocket and nobody would notice if it was concealed properly. It's not like the airports at all, where there are always dogs by the departing line. I would not worry about any benzos. Of course, keep them on you and not in your carry on because they do x-ray that when boarding the ship from each destination.

    Doing too many edits...damn amphetamines. I did a little research and I heard that "The best stocked pharmacy on the island is Farmacia Doris located on Juarez between 15 Av. and 20 Av. They also have a medical doctor who can furnish you with a percription for a fee, depending on what medicine."
  18. Does anyone know if they sell fentanyl in the mexican pharms?
  19. I been to Mexican Pharmacys a hundred times. You go to the Doc he gives you like a menu and you pick what you want . Pretty much anything your littlt heart desires . Injectables even . Go to the Pharmacy just like here in the U S and bam you got it. Its best to find a kid about 15 or 16 . Give him like 20 bucks get him fucked up . he will get you weed coke pills whatever . Also taxi drivers are pretty cool too.Just show them a good tip like 20 bucks and its on .
  20. Xanax is easily obtainable.

    Dont know about the OC's though, maybe some vics or percs though.

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