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Metridixals DANK Pickup's (CANADian KUSH)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Metridixal, May 13, 2010.

  1. #1 Metridixal, May 13, 2010
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    Bubblegum deadly nug
    bublegum small.png

    gets ya fucked

    mango kush:
    mango kush small 2.jpg

    grapefruit kush: my favourite strain
    grapefruit kush small.JPG

    bought a half q of each strain from my buddy who deals. $30 for 3.5 grams.:hello::eek:

    ontario daaaaaaaaaaank
  2. Prices like that actually make Canada look appealing.

    Enjoy, you have some great lookin' bud man.:smoke:
  3. Yeah pretty good prices. Still could be free though lol.
  4. Update May 20.

    I dont post all my pickups only ones I remember to or have the oppertunity to .

    Heres some GDP I picked up last night. AMAZING DOPE. Fruity sweet smell.

    gdp may 20 2010 (1)2.jpg

    gdp may 20 2010 (2)2.jpg

    gdp may 20 2010 (3)2.jpg

    gdp may 20 2010 (7)2.jpg
  5. bump no comments?
  6. Update May 25 / 2010

    Hashplant half quarter.

    Soo crystally gets me really stoned. Best dope in a week or two. Gets me stoned. Deffinantly tops the grapefruit and GDP I had the last 2 weeks. :hello::smoke:
    P5250027 small.jpg

    P5250041 small.jpg

    P5250033 small.jpg

    P5250034 small.jpg
  7. nicee!! Dank pick ups man ++ rep!
  8. Maybe its just me, but all those buds look like Beasters . . . very dense compact buds and lots of red hairs. But I'm sure they all do the trick!

    EDIT: Well maybe not all the pics, but the first and particularly last set of buds look this way.
  9. nice pick up man, i drooled a little. +Rep
  10. Beasters? Noone uses that term here but google says it refers to dense buds grown in BC. Thiis is not that. These buds are all hydroponically grown buds from Ontario......

    Everything I buy is $55 a quarter $85 half ounce. $170 a bag.
  11. canada has GOOD BUD and some people say no but....yeh :smoke: i love canada.
  12. wow that looks bomb, i want to go to canada.
  13. holy fuck great lookin buds ya got, wish I could get those prices too. I usually get it for $45-50 8th and $90-100 Q, bud than again I live in North Carolina lol. +rep man
  14. Yeaaaaaah hahah I want to go to BC it's nice. I'll always love Ontario the best. So much shit here.
  15. Nice buds, that hashplant does look like m39/chindro though..doesn't look like the hashplant I got a quarter of a while back. Whereabouts are you in Ontario?
  16. South Western.
  17. Great prices man!! :smoke::smoke:
  18. #18 Metridixal, May 27, 2010
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    Got a quarter of this bud for $50. Weighed out to 7.75 grams in one single nug.

    lil nug from a half q i got a few days ago
    P5260028 s.jpg

    Keif: 2 months worth.





  19. regular prices on dank?? damn canada is so close yet so far away haha. and half a quarter is called an 1/8 dude
  20. Not in Canada bro. I've never actually heard someone call 3.5 grams an eigth and I've been smoking 4+ years.

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