Methylone or Ectasy? which do you like more?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Blunt Killa 504, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. I only want responses from people who tried both!!

    check out this if you don't know what methylone is " " Well that's someone's experience with it but he seems like he knows what he's talkin about since he did it and sold it for a long time!!
  2. MDMA for sure. Isnt methylone legal?
  3. no not anymore!! It's under the anolog act which means it's like a schedule 1 drug!
  4. Done some research, unscheduled(thinks it legal) and sold on the internets? Where do i buy this!?!?
  5. Yeah its still a research chemical and can be bought on the internet. I have a website but am not sharing for the sake of the website itself.

    But methylone has every part of the mdma feeling except the serotonin, correct? So its missing one of the most important components to the MDMA experience, but is still fun and euphoric in itself.

  6. its still a class I drug under the federal anaglouge act and getting caught iwht it isl ike getting caught with coke or x
  7. But I can still order it off the internet, and this website is 100% legit . . . :confused:

    Im pretty sure its one of those "For Research Only" type of things. :p
  8. true but there's only certain sites though...that's why you don't wanna give your site out. yea I know how to get it alot of it from a site to but im not giving it out either!! It's not here in the U.S. though!
  9. could you share the website via PM perhaps :p
  10. ^--Word.

    Both are pretty good IMO. Personally I'd rather dose some MDMA but can't say no either way.
  11. dude add me on msn if you want or w.e to get to know me better, but its driving me insane not being able to find a site that does this stuff.

    every week I got sold a different brand of some idiots special mix of caffeiene with some speed and brick dust in and me and my friends are severly unimpressed.
  12. SWIM is on methylone as SWIM types this post. SWIM says methylone is great in itself but it just doesnt have the length of high as mdma. MDMA is great for raves and clubs but methylone is too short lived for those places. If SWIM is looking for a short awesome euphoric high SWIM does methylone which acts way faster and is controllable in a sense that it doesnt take up ur full day. hope this helps
  13. dude you dont have to use SWIM. it gets so annoying. and plus, the cops arent going to go after the recreational drug user.
  14. fuck swim... you aint gettin it trouble bro, so quit this fuckin shit

  15. please no more swim before my head explodes
  16. dis ***** knows whatsup
    swim is for fags....

  17. What Phion says, basically. It's a milder, shorter high with some of the components of an MDMA high - but not the huggy, lovey empathogenic properties, sadly.

    It's a bit milder on the body (partly because you can't effectively redose on it like you can with MDMA, so you shove less into your body = fewer side effects = easier comedowns) and the comeup is quicker (for me - 20mins compared to an hour or more for MDMA).

    Given the choice I'd go for MDMA - but in the absence of MDMA, methylone's not a bad substitute.

    Actually, if I could get hold of some genuine MDMA (and not the shite piperazines that are masquerading as it all over the country) I'd like to try an evening taking *both*, just to see...


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