methods of growing and yeild size

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  1. wat will give the highest yeild or make the most bud sites?

    sog - sea of green

    scrog - screen of green

    lst - low stress traning

    jog - jungle of green


    fim - fuck i missed

    hst - high stress training


    v-scrog - same as scrog but vertical
  2. which ever your best at? all of these give higher yeild at the cost of extra time added on to your grow if your a serious grower you will work out which 1 works best for you is on a grow time/yeild basis for me topping once usualy gives me a crazy even canopy sometimes might need a little lst but really to each his own.
  3. Hydro, EBB and Flow is the way to go.
  4. Many methods will produce more per harvest. Not very many can prove that they produce more per unit of time spent growing than simply letting the plant do its own thing.
  5. i top first....lst and then scrog.....veg for 2 month....its all budsites:smoke:

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