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Methods for detecting laced marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AgileWigger, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I ran a forum search and didn't really get what I was looking for. It seems that most people are unwilling to believe that anyone will lace weed with rat poison and other things to weigh down the weed, or make it look better.

    Well, I guess I'm asking you guys to suspend your disbelief for a few minute and share how you guys think you can detect laced weed (not for other drugs, I realize that's not profitable at all. I'm strictly talking about harmful chemicals).

    I saw an article once from the UK about some community I guess where it was happening a lot, and a dad found crushed glass in his son's weed. There was a picture under a microscope of some of the shit he rubbed off of the weed onto a slide. Do you guys have any techniques like this?

    I have a both a typical microscope for looking at minuscule objects, and one designed for looking at larger objects with less magnification (like rocks, etc). Also, I realize that laced bud should smell and taste like chemicals, but that's a little bit too subjective, and would probably be dependent on how long ago it was tainted. I'm really just looking for an objective way to find out if my weed has shit in it.

    Any comments welcome, thanks.
  2. The real only "lacing" i've had to deal is dealers putting flour or sugar on to make it look more crystally. I just lick my fingers after twisting to check.

    As for your testing I wouldn't see why you couldn't put weed under a microscope and look for stuff but really I think you should look for a new dealer if your suspicious of his ganj.


  3. i agree with this guy.

  4. Actually my dealer is a really harmless guy, so that's not what I'm afraid of. I'm just openminded to the possibility that he could have missed something in the weed that his supplier gave him. I mean, it would take a lot to keep me from wanting to buy from this guy, but I guess I just want to take a closer look and see if I find anything.
  5. Alright thats fair. If I had a microscope i'd probably look at it to, not for lacing, but for trichs and hairs.
  6. I know ppl that purposely mix coke and weed to get the high they want... and one of my friends smoked with them once and got the shit mixed up and he freeked, and never smoked again in his life...:(

    But to check for laced stuff you can run ur finger across the bud and then across ur gums. if it tastes chemical its tainted. if ur gums go numb you have coke and/or heavy drugs mixed in. also sight and smell help alot to lol

    also I always make sure my dealer smokes it to make sure nothing is up :D
  7. Laced marijuana is a myth.

  8. The best way to know you're not getting laced herb?

    Know where you're getting it from. You should have a legit source. If you don't, why would you want to buy it? That's how people get robbed. You should know you're dealer and trust them.

    100% way to never ever get fucked with herb? Grow your own.

  9. not true at all. sarcasm perhaps?
  10. I think what he means is that very few people go to the extreme of putting other drugs in their herb they sell to you. That would only cost them more money.

    Shit to weigh it down like windex and shit like that, I wouldn't really consider that "laced".

    Ya dig?

  11. i get what your saying, but i would consider it laced though because that means that something other than weed is in your weed in my mind :p
  12. i didnt read all of these so this might have been said but

    lick the bud and if it tastes like plastic you might be in trouble

    also sometimes people put broken glass on their bud to make it look more crystaly

    rub the bud on the bottom of a cd you dont use and if you see a scratch DONT SMOKE

    people usually dont "lace" bud a lot because it costs more in the end do to that yourself

    so dont worry to much about it, but its good to take the proper percussions
  13. True. Except in some cases, dishonest dealers try to make their shit look better by making grit weed. It should be blatantly obvious if you're smoking any other type of harmful shit. I think rat poison should change the taste.
  14. Thats Grit. and you'll notice the difference. lol
  15. Bottom line.

    Don't buy from a source you don't trust. Otherwise, it's your own fault.
  16. Crushed glass is added to make it look more crystally and to add weight to nugs.

  17. I agree with this guy. It sounds harsh but you make one mistake unwittingly when buying ganj shit can happen, you get robbed or given bad product. Be careful and know a reliable source.

    Every good idea i can think of to check for lacing has been mentioned already :p I love GrassCity :smoke:
  18. Do some coke,some H, some acid, and some E and you may notice thier different effects when you smoke if its laced or better yet stop worrying and no your heart is not going to explode.
  19. i cant believe that theres still tons of this shit going around.and to seems to be getting worse! dont trust any of it....grow your own!!

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