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Method of Social Blazing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalSteve, May 25, 2010.

  1. So im just randomly thinking to myself (kinda burning out:() but what are your guys prefered SOCIAL method of blazing? Personally i like to have a joint going with my best friend rather than hitting a pipe or bong with him. I realize that bongs get you more high but its not ALWAYS about that(you know what i mean)..joints can get you high too...just more weed is needed. Anyways what do you guys prefer?
  2. Joints are funner than everything else in my opinion.
  3. Nothing gets deeper than a blunt conversation, the thing burns for 30 minutes while you get higher and higher. You wouldn't believe the shit you start to talk about, :smoke:.
  4. Blunts are preferred. by me atleast. I usually smoke alone. But if i go out and smoke with some friends, we will smoke blunts also. But if a guy has a bong, we will throw the blunt in the bong and rip it like that.

    Id say blunts/joints always though.
  5. This. Thank you.

  6. Deff. Blunts ftw:smoke:
  7. Your blunts burn for 30 minutes? I guess we rip ours too often. Just rolled 2.5 G's into a blunt last friday and the shit lasted 10 minutes tops.... haha. Then again my perception of time might of been off, who knows.

    ANYWAY, ON TOPIC: blunts.
  8. Personally, when im with a group of friends i like to have a nice bowl sesh.
  9. 2 blunts
    3 joints
    1 bong
    1 pipe
    2 joints
  10. depends where we are, if were somewhere we can toke inside we usually have a joint or two an hour and take bong and parry hits.

    When were running low on weed we do poppers perrys and hotknives.

    its always nice to chill with a nice joint going though.
  11. Ya, well like I said we have blunt conversations and just chill with it. Especially towards the end as the hits get harsh and we get high, :p. I usually only use 1.5 grams in my blunts, Green Games.
  12. If it's a large circle, then I'd rather roll. If it's just me an 2 or 3 others, I'd rather rip bongs or maybe smoke a pipe.
  13. If I'm outdoors or out and about, then we usually use joints. Otherwise, bong hits are most common for my friends and I.
  14. Usually its me and my best friend tokin on a blunt, get some deeeeeeeep convos that way.
  15. I like joints. If its just me and one other i like bowls. but joints work to for that occasion :smoke:
  16. when I smoke alone or just with 1 friend at my house we'll use my bong (RIP) or my spoon...

    but if I'm blazin with more than 1 other person then a blunt is to be rolled
  17. usually when I'm with more than two people I spark up a joint or two, I think it's just more fun to chill with, and you don't have to re-light everytime.
  18. Smoke joints alone, smoke joints with the homies
  19. Socially I try to convince everyone to hit the god damn bong. What do people have against bongs, seriously?
  20. Yo i have NOTHING against i bong...i just bought my FIRST yesterday actually...but im saying for social i like to have a nice joint going...for the reason like MANY ppls have replioed..the conversations you can get going.

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