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  1. I came across 12 10mg Methadones, they're wafers, with the digits :54 142 on one side.
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    crush it up into fine powder. mix it with water, put in a syringe and shoot that shit up.

    YOu're going to be so high my friend. ;)
  3. 54 142's the good methadone, compared to the "coffin" pills........and no dont shoot up methadone, it won't do shit other than blow your veins out (if you're lucky). they're $3 a piece around here.
  4. injecting methadone pills is straight up the dumbest thing ive ever heard. if you're gonna bang use methadone liquid. PS 10mg = not a wafer. Wafers are 40mg....
  5. as stated above, don't iv methadone. it will fuck your veins up badly....believe me because i know. i wish i didn't though.

    the best thing to do with those is the parachute them or plug them. at the very least just chew them up. i love me some 'done, i just can't get it around here.
  6. the 54 142's are my least favorite of methadone. i like the rectangle ones that have a M on one side, and like m771 on the other, or something similiar. ive only got to take liquid methadone once and i got 30mg and it was amazing.
  7. really? I like the 'coffin' pills, or as I call them, M bars, since they have M in a box on one half and a 71 on the other (scored down the middle, if I remember correctly, I haven't had em in a while, been getting the 54 142s).
  8. yeah thats exactly what the coffin pills are...well thats what their called on the block at least...but i feel like the 54 142s get me a lot more high than the others, but when i take methadone i'm not trying to get high...just tryin to get by..
  9. dude, whenever you say 'the block' I pretty much get a hard-on cause of all the shit you can get so easily, and so cheap, dones are like 8-10 ea here, for fucking 10s. I like the high from methadone though, it's a nice buzz that lasts me all day and also helps me with my anxiety since it's a strong enough opiate to overcome that but not so much that I can't function. But of course I'll NEVER find a doctor who would script me methadones for anxiety.
  10. yeah...i love the block...1 square block anything from vicodin to powder coke to rock to heroin OCs percs xanax...1st and 15th of every out there..except tuesdays and thursdays, thats when the ghosts are out and about clockin their quotas
  11. what's the 1st and 15th? payday? script refill?
  12. thats when the knocks get their unemployment comes through.....the block is crackin on the 1st and 15th
  13. Fuck! that's what I was thinking. I knew the 1st and 15th was important to fiends for some reason
  14. shit swisher, i need to take a little drive down to your block!
  15. find me in the tenderloin
  16. lol if i go to the city this weekend i might actually stop by if i got the time.
    and sorry op for the offtopicness but idk shit about methadone.
  17. i goto a clinic here in south florida i pay $12 a day for 230mg liquid and i get 4 take home doses a week. i'm not sure any price on the street could ever come close to a clinic.
  18. golden gate ave and leavenworth....ill be on the block

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