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  1. So I got 2 10mg Methadone today and I was planning on taking em with my girl on Sunday.
    Is it alright to snort these? How long/ how would we feel it if we each snorted one vs. popping them?
  2. First off don't snort them. They are made to not be snorted so I hear. But if u have no opiate tolerance start with half and if feel like you can do more then do more. Use ur best judgement tho u kno
  3. Pop it, you will be feeling it for a day or two.

    Don't snort it either, they break out to a SHIT LOAD of powder and I don't see you getting any higher.

    IMO it feels about the same strength as oxycodone, maybe 1.5x the strength.
  4. dont snort them. not only will it not do shit, it'll fuck your nose up real good. methadone is a powerful opiate.
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    ya don't snort that shit,methadone is fucking strong tho,i know a or was a real hardcore heroin addict,like Ive been around,but have never seen any one that can do so much,

    now a days he goes to clinic and gets 265mgs of liquid methadone a day,i took the smallest sip and was gone nodding the fuck out.he doesnt even feel it anymore just takes it to avoid withdrawal.

    hey im pretty sure about this,but can some one back it up,subs are way stronger than methadone right?
  6. mg for mg, yes.
  7. 8-16mg of sub is about equivalent to a 50-70mg dose of methadone and in some people up to 100mg.

    So I would say that yeah it's a good bit stronger.
  8. i used to love blowing methadone...

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