Methadone Problem

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FreakTard, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I have some and it doesn't do shit for me.

    What's the problem? Lol

    I don't use opiates that often. If I ever do its around 30 mg of Oxy's or Hydros. Methadone was new to me, but I took 20 mg the first time then 30 mg the second time with no results (well maybe a little light headedness and goofiness, but no good high).

    I don't want to keep abusing them either. Should I up the dose?

    Also, whats the street price on them? For 10 mg pills.
  2. I get 10s for 5.
  3. i did it once and i got 3 1/2 for free so idk lol :D
  4. Lol, well mine were free too. I have 10 left I think, haha.
  5. i only did it once tho and i didnt really feel it
  6. I had it once back when I had no tolerance to opiates. I didnt really think I felt it until I took a few bong rips. I was floored.... blurred vision and everything:smoke:
  7. Maybe I'll mix some herb into it next time and try and feel it.

    I'm still deciding on whether or not to sell/trade, lol.

    Because I like me some percs, tabs, and oxy's.
  8. Same deal when I popped Methadone for the first time. It wasn't until I was driving around and we lit a blunt that I got fucked up. Driving fucked up on that is not cool man, I definitely pulled over for a quick second :)
  9. I took 40mg i was itchy as hell ripped my stomach apart in my sleep. It did last long with no real high just talkative
  10. Learn the opiate high.

    It isnt the same as weed at all, you have to learn it

    Its hard to explain, im sure other opiate lovers can explain it better.
  11. I don't get how people don't "understand" a opie high. Take a fucking journey to the land of nod.
  12. I dont know methadone, but my first couple times with oxy, both were like 20-30mg, I forget exactly, but I remember like a first weed high asking "am I high".

    Im assuming if it happened to me im probably not the only one. It took me a couple times untill taking 25-30mg, all with no tolerance, and I would really start to nod.

    Maybe im fucked i dunno:bongin:
  13. well in all honesty, methadone is a pretty subtle thing from my experiences at least......and I get the 54 142's for $3
  14. I was just gonna make a thread about this, I have a Lilly pill, but only a quarter of it. Is that nearly enough to do anything? I also have some loose powder but the shit burns like hell when you snort it.

  15. What is a lilly pill?
  16. It says Lilly on it, and it is split into 4 sections. Here's a picture of it I got from Google.


  17. its like being wrapped up in a warm blanket of euphoria, in other words IT'S FUCKING AMAZING.
  18. I think those are the 40mg dones'. If your a naive, 10mgs should give you a nice nod.
  19. Thanks, if that is the case it should give me something considering that I have only done opies a few times and they were all really stretched out.

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