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Methadone, kicking oxy, how much methadone will get me feelin good if my tolerence is

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Norcalmatt, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. #1 Norcalmatt, Oct 16, 2008
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    Ok so if i do a 40mg oxy i get sort high, feels nice but goes away quick, more if i do an 80 it makes me feel great for longer and makes me nod just a bit. I have some 65mg liquid methadone. I have desided to quit oxy so if im weening off on methadone i was wondering if half would get me a buzz or what. Give me your opinions please. I know is shouldnt be taking methadone to get high, but might as well. Dont worry i was addicted to oxy before and quit with suboxone,(which was an amazing quitting aid), so i know what it would be like to go down that road again. I jsut wanna catch a buzz on methadone so let me know whats up, thanks.

    btw i just took about half and am waiting to feel it, its been about 20 minutes. If i take the rest will i feel it better if i dont even at all, or wait till i need it.
  2. 100+ post and you didn't know were to post this...

    wrong forum...pandora's box or better yet bluelight.ru for all non-weed related issues...
  3. I thought methadone was there to help with cravings but not get you high. I could be way off though.
  4. Methadone is harder to kick then oxy. I don't know if you get withdrawals from OC, but I do, and the withdrawals from methadone are worse than OC withdrawals. So just be careful what you start doing man cuz it might not be so easy to just stop.
  5. Too bad Negligent isn't around to answer this.
  6. QFT.

    I hope neg is doing alright.
  7. methadone is meant to help you through withdraw not to get you high.
  8. i dunno dude.... if youre still getting high off of 80mg, you probably don't need another opiod to taper off of it. just buy a big bag of dank and prepare to feel under the weather for a few days. I mean not to demean your struggle here, but that really isnt anything serious withdrawal wise. you might feel weak and irrritated but you most likely won't be getting the hold & cold shit while vomiting out of both ends bullshit yaddamean ?
  9. Methadone is the beggining of a dangerous game, be careful.
    Other than that, not too sure.

    Good luck on quiting though, really sad to see some one fall prey to addiction.
  10. actually i was on the oxy for a long time, i have all the bad stuff when comin down, everything from puking, to shitting water, ect, its all bad. I dont need all the uhhh dont get high off of methadone shiz, i know what i am doing, i just wanna buz, its all gravy nowl
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