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meth street value

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PISSDRUNKhuh?, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. hypothetically, one stumbles upon 3 grams of meth, what is the street value?

    *** D-meth (Egyptian meth)

  2. like like 150 a gram
  3. HOLY SHIT! seriously?
  4. that would go for about 200 where i live. depends on who you know though people high up can get 3.5gs of pure doesnt leave residue on the burner for 120
  5. well, is three grams alot?
  6. HAHAHA thats a funny question, .1 of pure meth has me going for 48 hours and i have a tolerance.
  7. o_O......................................................
    wow, all i know is its easy as pie to create about 3 grams of d-meth
    hypothetically of course, sooooo yeahhhh :D
  8. where do you live ;)
  9. in the new england region close to shore (not sepcifying where though)
  10. yea i feel ya, haha i dont have my area code on here anymore for that reason. but it has a much higher street value over there ive heard 20 dollars for .1 in new york city. damn i wish i knew a cook or someone better than my shitty dealer that sells at 20 per quarter gram even though his shit aint pure still really good though
  11. well, ive seen this around alot (this was the first one on google lol, but ive seen this in more serious places) though, im not sure if that works, i dont know much about meth, but let me know if you think thats the real deal right there : How to Make Meth | Stories | Crazy n Funny .com
  12. $150 $200? sweet lord i dunno if there anything special about D-Meth but i know shit here in central mn is strictly $100 gram

    EDIT- what the fucks d-meth?
  13. i dunno, i remember someone was telling me about hhow there were like two kinds and shit, d-meth and L-meth or whatever idfk man
  14. but yeah if anyone can check this and lemme know if this is legit id apreciate it, i dont know much of anything about methamphetamines, just amphetamines :) runnin on 40mg of focalin now :p parachuted it about an hour and a half ago
  15. there are many more different kinds of meth than that, ive had stuff that made me stupid and forgetful but that was only up in Yreka and it was meant to be put in tourists food so they buy a bunch of it even though its way overpriced and they get hooked on the town when there really just hooked on meth. funny thing is no ones gona believe me on that but its true rofl.
  16. thats not a bad buisness tactic :p except doesnt meth eliminate hunger?
  17. LOL that recipe is bull shit you cant make meth out of those items what the hell are you refining into meth? you need psuedoephedrine to make it but there is a method where u can mix chemicals in a 2 liter bottle but it only produces small quantities and is very dangerous, plus the quality is an issue
  18. yeah, i was like thats too easy to be true, but i hear its rumored to be true, ive seen a video on it, if its not meth, and it works..... what is it?
  19. i dont know all the scientific facts of meth just the street facts. i wouldnt imagine anything else could produce effects like that of meth and if there was it would be another illegal drug by now. you never know though. and to answer ur question before no most meth these days you can eat on fine and you will be able to sleep if u really try like if you have been up for days you will just pass out, thats why u dont really hear of that many crazy meth heads any more because they all get better sleep now
  20. thats nice, so how long do you have to wait before you can like fall asleep on meth? like is it your choice? or do you really gottah wait for the come down (just to clarify what you said)

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