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Meth Question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GanjaFreak, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. try it if you want op

    i've only done it once but i didnt really like it that much

    uppers arent really my thing
  2. I personally would do every drug but meth. (probably more i wouldn't do)
  3. Set some guidelines for yourself.

    Instead of blandly saying "never again", then later deciding on it can be once a month and not harmful, set some pre guidelines. And never probably doesn't work.

    Give yourself punishments for doing it after, and say if you have to, you can only do it once a year. And stick to it. If you actually end up doing it, punish yourself with no weed for a little while. (Maybe that would become a t-break though lmao). Follow through with the punishments.
  4. I did meth once. For three days straight.

    Haven't touched it since and don't plan to again
  5. meth gets you high: true

    so does weed, but cheaper...

    stick with weed man, you are just talking about getting high, why would you want to resort to somebody's (hopefully not failed) science experiment? Stick to what you can grow. It's the only way you know for sure what you're doing to your body.

    would you really take advice on (possibly your cause of death or) hard drugs from a bunch of internet hooligans you don't know?

    let us know what you decide

  6. you can die a whole lot easier from datura than you can from meth

    and opium comes from poppies so hard drugs can be grown to
  7. I'd try it if there is absolutely no possible way to get more.

    if ANY of your friends are regular users or if you know ANYONE that has it readily available, fucking dont do it.
  8. Meth is a shitty asss drug with a SHITTY come down...Not worth your money...Even though you feel great when you're high
  9. its the worst, sooooo boring
    "hey lets all get twacked, clean our house then feel like shit, and, in a day or two go to sleep"
    not appealing to me at all
    i hate uppers though, can't even stand adderall, so maybe im biased.
  10. Look man I don't think people should step into hard drugs till everything in their life is sorted out
    I'd say if you want to try it when you turn 25 or after or something go for it
    But if you're in the 18-25 age you still have maturing and shit to do
    THink on it
    Don't put yourself in the position right now if you're young.
    You may think you're mature but there's still a long way to go

    But you're probably going to do it regardless
    Just make sure your friend holds on to the stash or that you waste it all in that night, so you won't be able to do it again.

  11. when I said "stick to what you can grow", I meant stick to what YOU can grow (or manufacture). It takes alot more than just a single strain of plant to get to the finished meth product. And a lot of the ingredients necesary are nasty ass chemicals you wouldn't swallow by themselves. Sorry for the confusion, my argument was not the cliche you caught and called out.
  12. Very good post man i agree after reading this. +rep

  13. i disagree with what i made bold, at least in my situation. i'd much rather experiment with drugs while i'm younger, 18-25, as i'm already in an 'experimental stage'. at this age i have a lot of support from family and i know that if i were to fall into addiction (back into addiction for me) that they would be here to help me get back onto my feet. i don't know if that support will be there when i'm older.

    that being said, i don't think that anyone should try such an addictive drug without knowing what they're getting into. i started using hard drugs a couple years ago without any education, and that landed me in rehab. that is not what i want to see happen to anyone, although it was certainly an amazing learning experience. i still use hard drugs, including what i went to rehab for, heroin. i believe with the proper education and a lot of self control, hard drugs can be used recreationally.
  14. Yeah I'm just sayin that you should wait to make descisions like that
    I mean once you're past 25 or so you'll know if you really want to just try it or if it was still a part of that experimental stage.
    There's alot of drugs out their you can experiment with, I've just seen alot of people mess up their lives when they started smoking meth or H when they were about 21
    and I honestly think waiting a little bit longer to step into that hole might have saved them
    I mean once you reach that kind of age you really know if you want to experience or not
    It's kinda like getting a tatoo in a way
    I mean sure a tatoo of a pot leaf seems like a great idea at 18 but once your in your mid 20s it's not the best

  15. you make a lot of very valid points, and i agree with you that a vast majority of people are definitely not ready to experiment with hard drugs. i too have seen several friends go down the path of addiction. like you said, most of these friends were 18-25, immature, and unready for what they were getting into. the beautiful thing about this age though, is that it is a lot easier to regather a 20 year old's life than a 25 year old's. at 19, when my addiction took hold of me, i threw away a lot, but not as much as i would have thrown away had i been 25 with a real job and rent due. financially, i doubt i would have been able to get back on my feet, at least not as quickly as i did. i'd like to also state that i believe that each person progresses at a different rate. as for the OP, make sure you do all the research you can before trying anything. i'm always glad to see posts like this, because it means that before you tried it, you at least wanted to get some info.
  16. Listen, I was in a similar situation as you. Let me tell you my story, hopefully it will help.

    I have been experimenting with benzos (and weed obviously) when my regular guy told me about some meth he picked up. He said he has never tried it and he will "smoke us up" if we all do it together.

    We smoked some and started doing bumps. Snorting is painful, but that was the least of my concerns. The come up was very fast, and powerful. I feel like I could jump over a mountain, I felt like I was on top of the world.

    I didn't just feel like it, I WAS on top of the world. Meth is fucking incredible, and the things it does to your brain makes you feel unbelievably euphoric. The come down wasnt as bad as people make it out to be, insomnia isnt an issue considering I had plenty of alprazolam to go around and weed for sure helps with almost everything

    I suggest you try it and then avoid it. It's a great feeling that you wont regret, but let me tell you this; if you do try it- you will be going back for more. it is such a euphoric high that you will only want to experience it "1" more time. It doesnt matter if you have an addictive personality or not, if you try it, you will want more. It is human nature
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    I don't know if I agree with this. I do, but to an extent.

    Everyone is different. Everyone has had a different past and everyone has different neurological wiring which determines addiction and it's toll it takes on a human being individually. Just because a Montana Meth website, the people on Intervention, and your friend-of-a-friend got addicted to Methamphetamine doesn't mean this guy will.

    Not like I'm doubting it, but I don't like when one uses drugs in the context of the drug controlling a human, not the human controlling the drug.

    Eh... If OP wants to try meth, believes he doesn't have an addictive personality, and feels that he'd be doing something productive I believe he should go right ahead, yet like everyone else claims, Meth is one of the most addictive drugs and it is highly possible your first experience may come back and, metaphorically, bite you in the ass or it could not... All I'm tryna' say is that it's not a 100% chance that if you try Methamphetamine once you'll automatically get addicted to it. It's those who are prone and vunerable to addiction in the first place which become addicted and fall into the streets such as the cases in the propaganda commercials seen throughout those Meth Websites.
  18. You also have some very very good points! + rep
  19. My opinion: don't do it. No one (even the "meth heads") thinks their gonna get addicted and have it run their life their first time trying it. Not saying you will for sure, but is it really worth risking your life to experience a high your gonna want again? Just my 2cents.

    Just go smoke some herb, gets you high a lot safer.

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