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Meth Pipe???

Discussion in 'General' started by Scab, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. I gotta question about bad stuff.......How do u clean a dic...aka meth pipe like with what kind of stuff!! thankz
  2. :eek: meth is bad, i wouldnt know for a meth pipe but for weed i have herd of ppl using rubbing alchole but im not sure, dont do it with out somone knowing for sure. Peace
  3. Lol meth pipe have fun with that 1.
  4. you break it, and the habit too :)
  5. i think he got the pipe from a meth user, and wants to clean, as to not get any meth inside his system
  6. I dunno, I doubt he got it from a user... but if you do meth.. CRUSH THE PIPE AND THROW THAT DIRTY SHIT DOWN THE TOILET! Its meth and shit that causes people to think drugs are bad, cuz they sterotype instead of actuly knowing this shit. They think that weed is just like meth.. those fuckers!
  7. well if ur a tweaker wit no intention then i'd recommend not to clean it at all, dats meth resin in there. fucks u up if theres still meth left. but yea, smokin crank rots ur teeth enough that ur dentist can tell if u smoke crank.
  8. dude stay away from meth, that shit fucks up lives.
  9. Wash the pipe a few times with isopropyl alcohol which you can find at your local supermarket, usually next to the hydrogen peroxide. Evaporate any remaining solvent. There are better ways to do it, but this is the most simplistic and it will get it sufficiently clean.
  10. Who the fuck asks how to clean a meth pipe on a weed forum? Seriously, think about it... Weed... Meth... Meth... Weed... You really think a bunch of stoners are going to know about cleaning a meth pipe? That's like asking a bum how to get a job.

    And yes, some MAY know how to clean it properly. But it still makes no sense.
  11. you guys are all wrong... u clean a meth pipe with cig ashes and a Q-tip... Wet the q-tip with spit and put a little bit of cigerette ashes on the tip and clean it like that. (former meth user here) and then if there is a white film on the inside of the pipe it might look like the pipe it fogged up... u take the other end of the Q-tip and take all of the cotton off, take a ligher to it for about 2 seconds and scrape all the shit into one spot (that recrystalized meth and it is smokeable) u dont want to waste any of that expencive ass shit... but then again my idea for u is that u quit like i did... L8er catz
  12. meth is seriously fucking up my cousins life. I'd quit if I were you....

    But, if you're going to try and clean it for use with weed - I have no idea... maybe boil it, after some scrubbing with some sort of cleaning agent. After boiling it, scrub again...

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