Meth now a weapon of mass destruction =/

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 8, 2003.


    Believe it or not, crystal meth is now a weapon of mass destruction in North Carolina. Last week, police in the northwestern mountains invoked the state's "Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction Act" to charge a suspected meth lab owner with chemical weapons terrorism:

    Jerry Wilson, the district attorney for Watauga County, has charged Martin Dwayne Miller, 24, of Todd with two counts of manufacturing a nuclear or chemical weapon in connection with a methamphetamine arrest Friday...

    "Not only is the drug methamphetamine in itself a threat to both society and those using it, but the toxic compounds and deadly gases created as side products are also real threats. I feel that, as a prosecutor, I have to address this. Something has to be done to protect society."

    As defense lawyers raise eyebrows, the Winston-Salem Journal reports that other DAs are following suit:

    "It seems to me to be a real stretch of the imagination, that this would be covered under the antiterrorism law," said Wallace Harrelson, the public defender in Guilford County...

    Harrelson and others also said that they doubted whether a judge would allow prosecution under the law for drug-related activity that does not terrorize the public.

    At least Cheney, Inc. stayed in the same ballpark as they tried to link 9/11 and Saddam. Read the NC law, which was passed by state legislators in November 2001, and tell me it was designed for this kind of thing. Then read the local D.A.'s response in Sunday's Journal:

    "I understand the title of the statue is antiterrorism, but the statute is much more broad than that," Wilson said. "There's nothing in the statute that requires any organized terrorist effort. There's nothing in the statute that requires that these chemicals be used as a weapon."
  2. I think its safe to say that this Mr. Miller was predisposed to getting into trouble...after all, he has Dwayne in his name....its always the ones named dwayne
  3. i think thats fine.

    meth is horrible stuff, he should be put away for a long time.

    (dont bother hating on me meth users, just keep your meth use to yourself, i dont care if you arent addicted or if you think its great, when it comes down to it its bullshit)
  4. yes but next theyll be trying to call pot a WMD most likely, saying its harmful to societys lungs... waaah..
  5. lol damn we got meth in North Carolina but no weed...wheres the justice in that.
  6. meth is funny because people use it, haha i love samus!

  7. That is the stupidest thing I have heard all week. Congratu-fucking-lations, here's your dunce hat. Wear it with pride.
  8. meth is aa bad drugs... buttt they r overreactinng aboutt it

  9. meth is fucking stupid..
  10. i said dont bother getting mad at me for what i said. i know there are meth heads out there that love the shit, im not dissing them for doing it. im just saying the drug is bunk and shit, never said anything about the user.

    someone smoking shitty weed isnt a fuck up, infact i enjoy a nice shwaggy fatty every now and then just for fun. dont be so moody.
  11. *sigh*
    It was only a matter of time until some dim-wit tried to exploit the new laws...

  12. ya, you like weed, so thats not bad right? someone else likes meth, but you dont, so meth is horrible and evil right? riiiiight.. i mean ive seen people get their lives fucked up from meth, but believe it or not, i know more people that let marijuana control them than meth. i think any drug can be OK in moderation- well, except maybe inhalants.
  13. but cigs will still be ok

  14. exactly.. so will alcohol, even though its been proven that they both EACH have more deaths in a year than all illegal drugs combined. but hey, theyre legal, they cant be THAT bad right o_O
  15. why wont people accept that meth IS NOT A GOOD DRUG. you can do it all you want, but it IS BAD!! every day people OD on the shit, get addicted, and generally its fucks up alot of peoples lives.

    i honestly dont care whos doing it, one of my best buds is a recovering meth head. im just saying, the drug is BAD.

    users of the drug are fine, im not judging you people. do what you want to do. aslong as you arent hurting yourself (too much, obviously its gotta do some damage, same as eating mayonaisse)

    anyways im not comin back in this thread, i dont feel like arguing over such a stupid topic. meth is bad, i dont care who you are, its bad. too many people fucked up. if you can use it in moderation and control it, then good for you.

    But there is NO WAY IN HELL anyone here can tell me the world would be worse off without meth having ever been invented.
  16. I don't think anyone is saying that meth isn't bad...
    Just that it's ridiculous to be charging someone with "two counts of manufacturing a nuclear or chemical weapon" for having a meth lab...

    It's blatantly abusing the laws set aside for anti-terrorism...
  17. ... i hate the name Dwayne, i never liked anyone with that name, everyone named Dwayne that i met is a stuck up dickhead.... But i only met like 3 Dwaynes......

    oh yeah, whut i ment to say. I don't think we should have any laws we didn't have before 9/11. Were fucking losing are freedom more and more everyday.

    Meth is bad.

  18. this part bothers me.....

    i understand the law sayes one thing ...but that doesnet mean we cant bend it to mean what ever we want!

    fuck .....bad stuff .....not that i condone meth or anything....but i condone lawyers and government less....

  19. Exactly...

    It's like that guy who took advantage of a clause that said that no nation or oganization can claim any of the planets as their own...
    Said nothing about an individual owning them...
    So he wrote the UN a letter and now he suppossedly owns all the planets in our solar system and is now selling property on them...
    (Anyone else see this doosh on Conan???)


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