meth in pittsburgh

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  1. well i know meth is like a fuckin epidemic throughout the rest of the country, but i've never seen it around my area, i dont know anyone who knows where to get it

    anyone in pittsburgh know if meth is around, i hate uppers, but i'm just curious since its such a big thing now
  2. Well, I know that it is around Cal U. While visiting a friend there, I've seen more than a few people smoking it.
  3. Why would you fuck with meth anyway

    I was watchin Drug days on Vh1 earlier today... they had these little meth rocks that were yellow and shit... you could see the fuckin kerosene (sp?)... sick.
  4. Cuz meth is classy:rolleyes:

  5. Oh you know it... classy...


  6. Meth can be a damn fun thing. If he wants to try some, who are we to get in his way?

    Anyway, to respond to the OP, I'd suggest setting up your own lab. There are instructions all over the internet and you'll save a lot of money.

  7. and risk blowing yourself up :] sounds like fun
  8. Please n00b. I will sick anon on your ass so fast its not even funny. dont fuck with me or the city or you will pay the price friend.
  9. NYPA, faggot.

  10. Actually, I'm sure you would be surprised to learn that making meth is actually worse for you than smoking it.

    And I would get in his way... I wouldn't want to see another human live lost at the expense of such an addicting drug... I'm sure you wouldn't care though, seeing as you probably live by yourself and likely haven't communicated with anyone in any other way than the internet in months. I mean, you do spend most of your time trolling forums on the internet... correct? Can't have much of a social life if your into that...
  11. First time I've picked up the troll's mantle in about half a year, actually. Usually I troll people IRL. It's more fun that way. :)
  12. First time you've picked up a trolls mantle in about half a year?

    What in the hell did you just say? Trolls mantle..?

    Wow... never in my life... :eek:
  13. once again, i have zero interest in doin meth, n i know how to cook it but it aint worth it nowadays, u cant buy the main ingredient in any decent kinda bulk cuz its behind the counter at the pharmacy n u gotta sign for it
  14. I dont know about westmorland county but its all over beaver and butler county. Mainly in the biker community, biker bars etc.
  15. You rang?

  16. a lot of those bike gangs and groups are the ones manufacturing and distributing the meth

    like a little crystal pony express
  17. thats 1 drug ive never saw in real life or taken
    i dislike uppers as well, but if it was some pharmacutical grade shit, then thats a whole diff story
    street meth? no chance
  18. Why would any1 want to do meth that the worst drug of all ur just askking to die wtf
  19. reppin the beav but never saw it before nor do i want to
  20. never seen it around western pa. Im from new kensington. Lots of other stuff though

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