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  1. anyone know anything about it?

  2. its not MJ thats for sure, meth or Methamphetamine is taken orally or snorting the powder, by injection, and by smoking. Immediately after smoking or injection, the methamphetamine user experiences an intense sensation, called a "rush" or "flash," that lasts only a few minutes and is described as extremely pleasurable. Oral use produces euphoria - a high, but not a rush. Users may become addicted quickly, and use it with increasing frequency and in increasing doses.

    You pretty much have to be stuiped to do that shit!

    Only the naturals man! Whippits and coke....SO GAY! Why cant everyone be happy with good ol Mary Jane? or caps. I mean, I only will do natural shit that comes from the earth. Technically everything does, but you know what I mean.

    Most people that do that kind of drugs look like bums, have acne, and are extrmemly stuiped. I smoke pot regulary, I also get a's and b's. When you do that shit, you become STUIPED and dont get as hot of girls as I do.
  3. yea..... it kills! that shit is bad for ya! dont do it! just the thought of having chemicals in my body making me high makes me wanna puke! fuck the hard drugs! free the green! (and acid is o.k. too.... LOL!)
  4. i dont know if you did it on purpose but you spelt stupid wrong. im not a teacher or anything and no one cares but its just kinda least to me it was
  5. Meth has the most addictive drug out there and has the lowest recovery rate from addicts. Don't even consider starting that. It will ruin your life. MTV did a special on crank to show how much it screws up peoples lives.

  6. umm THC is a chemical that get u high in weed
  7. I think meth can be an alright thing if you use in moderation. im done with it though, it wasnt worth the money or the damage it caused to my body/mind. its not worth yours either!

  8. wow, you must have done a little too much meth in your days,

    "I think meth can be an alright thing if you use in moderation."

    meth is like really bad, even if you use a little, its kind of impossible just to use in moderation. Very addictive.

  9. you can shoot it up

    the thing about meth is this, my friends meth head sister put it to me this way. and it seems so true, from what ive seen.

    "meth becomes your life. you lose your daily routine, but you dont realize youve lost it. everything seems normal like it always has, but youre a completely different person"

    so true.


    oh ya, and the bomb shit, glass, aka crystal, looks like crystals.
  10. wow, meth is somthing you dont brag about, you guys sound like you didnt even get your GED. I think everyone can agree with that. You just made yourself look bad, and frankly, I think you guys sound queer as folk. You guys obvously are a piece of shit, and are dirties. Why do you come on this site, and give pot smokers a bad look.

    damn, shut up about this stuiped idiotic drug called meth, what a waste of fucking smarts.

    Get some intellect before you reply to a thread...jeesh

    oh by the way, 420 you gay as fuck

  11. ignorant bastard, lol. dont tell someone they are stupid if they do drugs, its their choice what they want to do to their body. did you know that... omg.. smoking weed is bad for you??

  12. This looks like a yahooka thread. Pointless name calling.
  13. I personally enjoy smoking meth a lot, and no i'm not a bum, im not stupid, I dont have acne, and im not addicted.

    Meth like anything can ruin a person, but thats just because the person is weak and insecure.

    I havent touched meth for a year now but that doesnt mean I quit, im sure i'll do it again and i'll enjoy it.

    From the sounds of your childish ignorant ass, im sure that if you touched meth you'd end up in an alley way on Skid Row sucking some fat ugly dudes penis for just another line, you are the kind of sad kids that get addicted to things easily.
  14. just sniff some blow once in a while.. fuck crack and meth
  15. illcid im gonna have to say you sound like you don't know what you're truly talking about. To be quite honest, you sound like you've just read up on meth or had someone talk to you about it and now you think you understand everything about it. But you just come across to me as sounding like a hypocrit.


    True, meth comes with many more risks involved than say the "natural" stuff (oh please!)....but if someone is of sound mind and has the will to keep it under control and wishes to consume "non earthy" drugs then not I or you or anybody else should have the right to tell them what they can or cannot do to their own bodies, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else...

    and yes i know meth is a major problem for so many people, but have you ever wondered how many meth heads there are that you dont know about because they dont fit the stereotypes you listed above? Could it be that there are numerous meth heads out there who lead normal productive lives and enjoy the buzz this drug offers in their spair time? and BTW I dont think its appropriate whatsoever for you to come onto the forums and shun those who you deem to be scum by way of using substances which you don't enjoy....Your no better than the brain washed middle schoolers who regurgitate the stereotypes and generalizations about smoking pot to their buddies....

    get a life...
    do a line...
    dont judge others...

    ..and shut the fuck up when you dont know what your talking about

  16. exactly

  17. A couple of things I want to address here. Firstly, please remember that even though you may not do these things, there are people out there who do. And no, I'm not one of them. But let's try to have respect for other members of this forum.

    Secondly, stop and reread the first sentence of the last paragraph I quoted in this reply. I'm sure that you don't want to be stereotyped, so please don't do this to other people. You have the right to your opnion, but you do not have the right to call people "stupid". Remember that everything comes full circle. Protect your Karma by treating people with the respect that you want to be treated with. :)
  18. People are gonna do what they'll do. It's their body, why bother sayin "that's baaaad". I'll never fuck with any of that crap cause of all the junky-types I know. It's just that every single crackhead I've ever met is, well, cracked out. Short tempers over stupid shit. Freak out over weird stuff. And none of them ever seem too bright. And.. well. Yeah. "Drugs are bad, mmkay?" haha.
    A perfect example of cracked-out-ness is that one guy saying if he were fucked up and you called him a fag he'd murder ya.
  19. well meth may be fine in moderation, same with crack and all that other stuff, but id still have to say its better to just not even bother with that kind of stuff, cuz just maybe youll be one of the unlucky who cant handle that type of thing and then maybe you could end up suckin some cock for a line, and thats no good at all (unless you like lines and cock, then id be win win for ya i guess...;) )

    but hell, if you wanna try that shit, im not one to stop you, unless your my buddy roy, thatd dudes a fuck up, im like his older brother, and if he tocuhed any of that shit ill kick his ass

    he got addicted to smokes more than anyone ive ever seen in my life after like 1 pack, he fiends them all day, he got some meth in van once, did it, and then did it again the next day, and the day after he was going nuts cuz he had no way to get out to the city, and i knew he was gonna go get more. well i didnt let him leave my site pretty much for like 3 days. good thing that was like a year ago.
  20. lol if someone called me a fag while I was on meth i'd kill him too..

    The thing is meth makes you feel unstoppable....Fucking Superman could be standing right in front of you, call you a faggot, and you'd seriously think he was nothing and start throwing blows at him.

    Thats for me anyways. Meth makes me feel unstoppable and I am guilty of getting in plenty of fights while on it, also working out is great on meth, sometimes I think my muscles are trying to talk to me, other times I see a vein twitch and think im dying. For the most part when I do smoke meth Im very alert and calm, you dont see me twitching or acting all cracked out like some people do. I can concentrate and focus far more than I do sober, and I hate shitheads like you who criticize meth users as crackheads and bums.

    Little man, Im guessing your the ugly fat bum with acne? So it makes you feel a little better calling someone else these names and living a fantasy world. What are you like 13? Grow the fuck up and then come back on this site.

    I've known a few people that have ruined there life on not only meth, but cocaine and acid as well.

    I have a few old friends that turned very very shady after doing meth, meaning they turned to a lot of crime. Started jacking people, setting up innocent people trying to buy ounces or 8 balls and then kicking the shit out of them and running off with the money. I almost got into that sort of shit too but luckily I caught myself beforehand. I also know some beautiful women who smoke meth to maintain weight. You'd be surprised how many models do coke and meth.

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