Meteor Shower Anyone!?

Discussion in 'General' started by Thrill, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. So tonight at around 1 AM PST is the Perseids Meteor Shower. I'm pretty sure it can be seen from all over.

    Gonna be lightin up some jays for this one! Who else is checking it out?
  2. I'm totally checking this out.

    Kind of funny, was talking to another blade about this on AIM while surfing, hit refresh on GC and saw your post.
  3. How to see it: Look outside after 10 pm on the nights of August 11 or 12 in any time zone. The farther you can get from city lights, the better. ;)
  4. can't wait

    gonna drive to a sick little spot in the cut near a buddys house where you can get a great view of a sky full of stars and smoke blunts on my car and watch.
  5. It hasn't cleared up here in days, and today was another cloudy day. I won't be seeing anything :(
  6. It's at 1 AM Pacific? So 3 AM Central, correct..? This is gonna be sweet.
  7. Goddamn, i saw the sky light up. A few times, but its still a little cloudy over here.
  8. Yeah man I'm stoked, I'm a big stargazer, my dad built a ten inch reflector telescope years back and he left it at my mom's house when he moved out, so I've been stargazing every night during sumer, but I'm planning to take the telescope out till 1 and then climb on the roof and enjoy the show.
  9. Thanks for the heads up man.
    Set my alarm so Ill remember to go check it out.
  10. I saw a meteor shower after a blunt once.

    Wasn't too fantastic "Woah, the sky lit up...wait, was that it?"

    still enjoyable though, just not OMGWTFKOOL enjoyable.

    Ya know? :D
  11. its raining i will miss the shower...but i love atmospheric disturviceases...
  12. aww damn its 3 in the morning and i just saw this thread that would have been bomb to smoke a bong in my backyard watching the sky explode
  13. ^^ its going until 6 am apparently.

    but i aint see shit.
  14. just stepped outside after reading this, and seen 2 of them suckers.

    pretty cool. for the 1/8 second you see it.
  15. I was out there. Not the greatest one, but still awesome.
  16. Unfortunately the sky didn't clear up in time for me to see anything =(
  17. I saw 3, pretty pimp I love watching, I passed out in the grass and woke up around 3am :D

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