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Metaluana's Drawing Portfolio

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Metaluana, May 11, 2010.

  1. Thanks! Glad you guys like! Few more, one is a really bad pic of it, kinda blurry. The other two are portraits, I'll put of the originals for both. :devious:


    Original 1-



    Original 2-


  2. OMG those are amazing.
  3. awesome awesome stuff man gj. I wouldnt mind that koi fish as a tattoo ive been looking for a really good koi design.

    the hannibal is dope too!
  4. Check It Iut Babe/Droppin My 100th Post On Your Pics. Looks Great As Always.Get Stairway And The Octopus Up
  5. i really like the drawings. the drawing versions seem to have a life and personality of their own. The pictures seem to be of youngsters who may be european or something, and just in ordinary moments. the picture versions seem poignant and really american. That may seem like an odd thing to say, but you know, i think, artwork is a process wherein some subconscious ideas about faces we've seen, ideals we have, emotions we have, those come through. I've kind of been aware of this in my own drawings. the picture boy seems to be dapper, like out of the 70s or something, and the picture girl seems to have a quality of self contemplation. Kind of a strange thing to see. Maybe it's just what I see, but what I think I'm seeing is a strange thing, for me, to see, because I'm constantly going in and out, between ideals and working the art and the art-life of those ideals. Being beautiful and fasting so I can echo the music, being aware so I can reach certain points, being practical so I can one day actually be able to do these things, so all the while having to balance many different ideas, having to go out into the world to fetch those ideas, record them and bring them back to a library that itself has to be organized, but then when I'm out in the world I have to be in the moment and also familiarize myself with what's out there and wow, the life of an artist is ridiculous but so necessary.
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    ^ Dude, I want some of what you're smoking.

    OP, I spotted a tiny error in your drawing of the imp with the voodoo doll.

    He has two left hands.
  7. No he doesn't one hand has the palm facing the sky and the thumb is normal check it again
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    ^ I think you're just high :D. I thought the same thing at first

    The shading on those portraits is amazing, I could never get that light of values.
    Your style is really similar to a friend of mine who I grew up with, she liked Lecter too lol ,weird.
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    ^ Nope. Not trying to be a dick but both of you need to have another look.

    Go ahead and mimic the way the hand is holding the needle. You can only do it by using your left hand.

    ... unless you're trying to say that he's intentionally holding the needle with his thumb and pinky. Which would be awkward IMHO
  10. But Imp hands could be different from Human hands? I dunno I tried and could see it with the pinky but I could be wrong.
  11. No it is his index and thumb it just has some perspective issues with the hand it looks like the pinky is going back in space but I am sure he intended it to bend and just go straight up.

    Try the doing it with your hands like that^

    And also needle?
  12. OH, COME ON you guys, I just facepalmed for real here.


    ^^^ I can't make it any clearer than that ^^^
  13. I was looking at a different one so that explains our disagreement lol
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    I specifically said the imp with the voodoo doll and also spoke of needles. How did you get mixed up?

    Despite all this, do you agree with me now about what I've been trying to say this whole time??
  15. Yes I said I get why I was disagreeing. I guess I didn't read carefully enough sorry for doubting you. It was confusing me too because I have seen your stuff and know you are a talented artist.

    And I looked at the first imp I saw on the first page I had forgotten about the other one. But yeah it definitely has two left hands.
  16. *huge sigh of relief*

    It was just a mix up between pictures. No worries.

    Sorry for jumping down your throat with the drawing. I just couldn't understand why no one else could see it so I started to go a little crazy

    lol it all seems funny now.
  17. hey guys did u ever think that maybe she intended it to have to left hands?maybe that is what her idea of a goblin is.
    btw fenix thats pretty good
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    The only time I've heard of someone purposely having 2 left hands was on Spongebob

    Why not call a goof what it is? I'm leaning toward 'completely unintentional.'

    and thanks. I draw a bit, myself.
  19. It is cool I would do the same thing probably

    I can definitely understand and see the humor in it:D
  20. @mariguanaman


    and you can see more of my stuff in the link underneath my sig.

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