Metallica - St. Anger OH MY GOD

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by D9_THC, May 29, 2003.

  1. Well, it's official. Metallica are back on form as the Kings of Metal. As far as I'm concerned, anyway.

    No cheesy ballads, no orchestras, no country, however, no solos which is a small price to pay for the hardcore riffage which makes up St Anger.
    This is possibly their heaviest work to date, but still manages to pay homage to the 80s thrash-era which spawned them. The '86 track Damage Inc. comes to mind.

    For all of you haters, and people who whine "sell-outs"...... well, this album is basically a big middle finger up at all of you.

    Cliff Burton would be proud. Oh yes.
  2. yea ive been looking forward to it.. heard clips and they didnt sound bad.. i am a little dissapointed there will be no solos in it though..
  3. Yeah, because Kirk and James are joint my second favourite guitarists. And their not using their full skills if they're not going to pull of a 500mph 80s thrash solo. But ah well, I can honestly say that this new album is still fine without the solos.

    Jimi is my first fave guitarist btw. And in July, I get about 8000 pounds which my grandparents have been saving for me.

    There's a Jimi Hendrix Experience gold plated LP with my name on it :D
  4. Whenever I see Lars I think of a piece of bacon. Don't know why.
  5. I've heard couple of tracks from it and all i can say it's pathetic and sad and horrible piece of shit. BOOOOOOO
  6. *looks offended*


    *looks sad*


    Hatebreeder, you should check it out anyways. It doesn't sound like Metallica :D
  7. I'm a big fan of their old stuff, but everything from the black album onwards was so disastrous. I found it very unlikely that St. Anger would deliver. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded a song off it. It was heavy, sounded evil, had skillful drumming rife with double bass, some really good vocals and a good solo.

    Then I heard this song wasn't gonna be on the new album.

    Then I heard the title track.

    Then I heard there was gonna be no solos.

    Then I felt sad.
  8. I was impressed by St. Anger. I haven't heard anything else off of it yet, though. I was surprised that St. Anger is so good after the shit in the recent past but it is.
  9. i love metallica, espicialy the old stuff, and St. Anger is good, but i wish they still did solos and its not as good as old stuff, but still great, i like it
  10. From "load" on, it seems they changed their musical approach entirely, for the worse, in my opinion. We need another Master, or ...and justice -type of album again!!!!!!! I saw Kirk grew his hair out and they did that medley on mtv with BLACKENED and CREEPING DEATH, and I was like,HELL YEA, man I hope they start playing JUST their old stuff again !!
  11. Finaly. AFter LOAD i quite listening to their new stuff. I never thought they sold out, but tried something. I can definatly say i cant wait to hear their new stuff.

    To live is to die...
  12. I think they got crappy as soon as Jason Newsted joined. I don't know if it was -because- he joined. But now he's left, and spookily enough they've started making some music worth paying attention to!

    Did anyone else here think that S+M kicked arse though?
  13. I don't think it was to do with Newstead. Firstly, ...And Justice For All was a really good album (but don't get me wrong, the next three royally sucked!) Secondly, most of Jason's side projects and guest appearances with other artists were much heavier than anything Metallica was doing at the time (possibly because he was frustrated they were being such a bunch of pussies and not making METAL!)

    Personally, I thought S&M was terrible. I remember listening to it for the first time at somebody's party. I thought somebody had put on two CDs at once.
  14. the new ablum isnt even metal anymore, its alternative rock. maybe its because theyre old. but even old band should be able to turn kick ass shit, specially if they did it for like 10 years. i dont know why hammet isnt doing solos, hes an amazing guitarist. FUCKING METALLICA GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. we need more shit like battery and damage inc.
  15. cliff burton rolls over in his grave every time they play that shit ass song on the radio.....

    metalica has been loseing everything they ever were for a long time now ..

    metalicaca has no hart sole.....they suck!

    once they were great...

    but ever sence the bus fliped over its been alll down hill

    st anger is is poorly porduced garbage...

    fuck the next album should have been called ....garbage days...revisited...

    have you ever seen the video "cliff'em all"

    it shows the hart of this band .....witch is clearly dead

    i remember sitting on the edge of my bed banging my head till my neck was stiff moshing arround my room i remember not being able to hear metalica without wanting to knock someone down.....and now the only one they make me want to knock is themselfs.....

    fuck off metalica

    fuck off st anger

    i miss you Cliff....
  16. yea im not likin st anger, i dont know about the rest of the album tho..
  17. yeah i thought it sounded kinda lame, I bought a couple tickets for their show in detroit.. 4th row PM if you might wana buy them lmao
  18. I heard it again for the second time and I'm not so sure about it now. It's almost bad. Maybe I wasn't high enough or was too high the first time but I retract my last statement and my thoughts weren't altered by anyone else's opinion....I just finally listened to the whole song.
  19. i too listened to it again ....and i still think it sucks.....

    there are a few parts where it almost starts to sound good but than they fuck it up again.....

    its like smoking shrooms.......

    you start to feel the antisipation of your trip..........

    but it never comes.....

    and who the fuck told james he could sing?

    please spare us......i beg you....
  20. as soon as a band changes their sound a little or tries something new everyone immediately goes "they suck, they lost it, they sold out,ect.."

    but if you dont like their new stuff, thats ok, the first 4 albums keep them at the top of the metal kings list.

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