MetallicA fans?

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  1. I thought St. Anger was a good comeback from the crap after Black.
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    Ehhh alot of ppl will say its their worst album. I think its tied for worst with the loads
  3. Ive listened to Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets drunk sooooooo many times.....METALLICA TILL THE GRAVE:metal:
  4. Saw them on the St. Anger tour second row from the round stage, they played No Remorse as their second last song it kicked ass. Caught them again on the Death Magnetic tour and they played the whole ten minutes of AJFA, and Fight Fire with Fire, those two took me by surprise.
    The thing about Metallica is no matter how much you want to hate their later releases, every time you go see them live they will give you a fucking show.
  5. So true. I think the only band that give as a good of a performance imo is Iron Maiden. I went to Switzerland last year to see the big four and Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer were good but at the same time dissappointing. Metallica on the other hand, never fail to give a good performance and over the last couple of years they have been at their best live since the early 90's.
  6. I want to see Metallica sooo bad. Im literally like addicted to them but theyre not touring the US :(

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