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  1. Damn, the elitist archives (yea I'm snarky towards them, but they are an invaluable resource. Just don't go near the forums) have accepted Oathbreaker based on Rheia.

    I'm mentioning this because I actually agree with the genre they have for them Post-Black/Post-Hardcore. I could never put my finger on their sound, but that's spot on.

    Also they've apparently been lumped into the Blackgaze scene. I wouldn't call them Blackgaze, but okay lol
  2. Back on the Oathbreaker tangent from last night, I just nocticed, their vocalist is kinda like a female Dave Hunt (the human scream machine from Anaal Nathrakh).

    @squidrick420 you can back this up since you've seen them live like I have, her harsh vox have a really fucking sinister edge to them don't they?

    Moral of the story, Anaal Nathrakh and Oathbreaker should team up. Or even just do a vocalist swap for shits and giggles.
  3. I do remember her vocals being more blackened than hardcore and having a harsh edge to them. I can't quite remember exactly what they sounded like but I do remember them being a lot heavier than I had expected.
  4. Heres a refresher (also a really good song in general)

  5. People have been trying to get me to check these guys out for a while but I could never figure out what they were saying. I kept hearing things like "pastrami kazuzu" or "harambe cthulhu" but never had a clue exactly what they were saying haha.
  6. I recall them a bit better now, I missed about half of their set since I was busy unloading equipment. Fun fact, they used our drummer's drum set so it was fun watching them play with a drum head that had our sigil on the drum head.
  7. If they took a video, that's some free promotion for you in Belgium
    You're forming an international fan base inadvertently lol
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  8. I wish they took a video haha. I think most of them bought a shirt and CD from us though so either way that is longer term promotion. Same thing with Joel Grind posting pics on his facebook wearing an All Hell shirt.
  9. [​IMG]

    Holy shit I hope this comes near me.
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  10. I don't know if I've posted this lately, but holy fucksalt Batman, I love it.

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  11. It sounds like they went full circle and they are back to Leviathan era style with a touch of their later sound. I'm not complaining haha.
  12. @squidrick420 dude I got something I think you'll really like

    Metal-Archives says they're Blackened Sludge/Doom with Crust influences, and that sounds about right to me, but it doesn't mention the cello, the viola, or the standing bass lol

    @StonedMortal I think you'll dig them too (just Google "dead to a dying world litany bandcamp" if the app is saying this is unsupported)

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  13. Um recently been listening to..... ghost, gojira, husker Du and darkest hour check them out

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  15. So I get on Facebook and see a picture of my guitarist hanging out with Phil Anselmo lol. So that explains why we called off practice tonight.
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  16. Good thing or bad thing?

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