Metalheads, Parkway Drive is freakin AMAZING

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Parkway Drive- Carrion[/ame]

    This song literally gives me convulsions everytime I hear it. I get a ticket everytime I drive and listen to this. This band is too freakin sweet!
  2. Did you only just find them or something??? o.o

    They're insane, have been for years... actually horizons isn't even the best album of their's.

    They're awesome live :D

  3. Yea actually I did...and very lucky to have found them. I'm so hooked on horizons right now, as well as a few songs from blue, that I can't get myself to listen to anything else at the moment. It's like crack!:smoke::hello:
  4. This video is interresting!
  5. This is all that new Hardcore deathcore Whatever shit dude.Pantera is where its at :cool:
  6. To be honest Deep Blue is almost mediocre compared to their first albums.

    You can't go too much longer without listening to them or you're missing out :)
  7. Listen to Killing With a Smile from front to back.
  8. I was confused... the title said metalheads, then parkway drive?:confused_2:
  9. PWD, is probably one of the top bands I have ever seen live. They have so much energy and the mosh is fucking awesome! :D

    Their new CD is fucking tight as well.. Have you heard it? :D
  10. not metal

    [ame=]YouTube - Absolute Power - Gospel Of The Horns[/ame]
    there we go

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