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  1. who heres into metal? i love the music and listen 2 it when i smoke alot, i love slipknot, korn, five finger death punch, mushroom head, mudvayn, rammstein, drowning pool system of a down (not sure if they are considered metal, some of its pretty badass though) disturbed, and static-X, plz no haters if ya got something negative 2 say dont say it :smoke:
  2. its not negative. BUT! I would hardly consider those bands metal those are basically all the bands who want to be metal but still want to be heard on the radio. If you notice, there is very little true metal on the radio.

    On a side note I do love old mushroom head.
  3. whats your idea of true metal then? not flamming just curious :smoke:
  4. I had a cd of some extremely badass metal bands a while back but I never knew who they were and the cd is now fucked up and unlistenable. It makes me sad
  5. "true" metal.... lets see. I wish I could just screen shot winamp so you can see what I'm workin with but I'll give you a few names. The Analyst, between the buried and me, winds of plague, Gojira, meshuggah, misery signals. I dunno I could sit here and give a HUGE list, and I may do that but I got shit to do tonight. Check a few of those out though! You may or may not like them.... but lemme know
  6. any specific songs by them? always looking for new bands/songs 2 listen 2:smoke:
  7. pantera?

    all songs.
  8. that sucks man, 1st thing i bought when i got a job was an ipod, had it for 5 yrs now, its worth it :smoke:
  9. oh, was talkin 2 angusnaut, but i'll check out pantera also :smoking:
  10. do it now, pantera is the only metal band you need to know.
  11. checking it out, they are an older band right? i usually dont listen 2 anything b4 the 1990s, but i make exceptions sometimes :smoke:
  12. find these songs

    the sleep
    cemetery gates
    cowboys from hell
    5 minutes alone
    mouth for war
    a new level

    and this one
    [ame=""]YouTube- PanterA - 13 Steps to Nowhere[/ame]
  13. The first Static X album was some wild shit, I saw them 4 times back in the day and they killed it everytime, but other than that, that list isnt very metal. No offense or anything, I'm not saying any of those bands are bad, I personally dont like them but I'd rather guide young listeners of heavy music to the good shit instead of being an asshole.

    When I was 12 (I'm 24 now) my cousin played an album for me that to this very day defines metal and heavy music in general for me, it was Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill. I was fucking blown away, it was loud, it was intense, angry, I'd never heard such an uncompromising sound before. When xmas rolled around I ended up with a gift certificate to Sam Goody and a few days laters I just had to go find this album. Unfortunately I didnt, so I got something else that I had seen on my cousins cd case, I remember it catching my eye because it was bright orange. That night I walked outta Sam Goody with Biohazard - Urban Discipline, which ended up opening the door for me even wider. Between the liner notes and the little card that came in the album advertising other bands, I saw names in there like Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Obituary, Fear Factory, Deicide, Gorguts, Type O Negative, and I remember thinking how badass those names sounded, so I went with it. I've been into metal big time ever since.

    So in short, I suggest you go check out some of those bands, they're all badass If you want to know more just say so, I've been around the metal block more than a few times.:metal:
  14. you forgot shedding skin and I'm broken. by pantera, my 2 fav.

    and Idk analyst only has 1 cd out and they are all winners imo. the faceless is pretty fucking metal imo, just in general, you can't go wrong. For misery signals anything off their album contoller is great. And literally every btbam nearly blows my mind so again, can't go wrong.

    For some more "stoner-friendly" metal check out mastodon and baroness (<-- currently really into them)

    [ame=""]YouTube- Shedding Skin - Pantera[/ame]
  15. ya any suggests you guys have'll be cool, i'll check'em all out, i listened 2 a couple pantera songs so far, nothing hardcore yet, but so far they arent bad actully, i kinda just got back into metal a couple yrs ago, because of my dad i kinda hated all forms of rock including metal growing up, friends got me into a few things when i was in HS, older now in college been listening ever since, been kinda just looking stuff up on limewire, why i'm open 2 suggestions :smoke:
  16. i was never into pantera but i was very aware of them bc that was one of the shirts id see the goth kids wearing around school. i also had a cousin that showed me cowboys from hell, i believe it was an lp but i dont remember, but the cover image stayed with me.

    i got my hands on the CFH cd in like 2005 and i immediatley loved it bc its fucking amazing. so i bought the next two records but i just didnt like them much..too harsh.

    now im 26 and im fucking ready for dime's metal magic. of course i still love cfh, but now i see why vdop took it to 'a new level' and of course the next two records... well they just blow my mind honestly.

    nothing i have heard is more metal than pantera. i like a lot of industrial metal and i listen to aome very dark things things very loud... and pantera still scares the shit out me somtimes. the riffs, the percussion, the vocals... its a level that will never be reached by anyone else ever. no it isnt 'hardcore' but i dont like any of that shit.

    i knoww about slayer, ive heard some of it and i like the first record but much of the rest of what ive heard so far doesnt have that groove.. maybe someday i'll be ready for slayer. and i dunno about sepultura, but ive seen lots of tshirts.

    and theres metallica, whos pre black album work is some of the best metal ive ever heard.. but again, it doesnt compare to pantera.

    megadeth is ok, but nowhere near as hard as pantera...

    i would also suggest some of ministry's work... maybe psalm 69..

    [ame=]YouTube - Ministry - Just One Fix[/ame]

    ^ thats fuckin brutal
  17. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not limewire! I really recommend any mastodon or baroness

    songs to check out
    A horse called golgotha

    Blood and thunder
    Colony of birchmen

    and anything off their album "crack the skye" that album was so fucking good. They played that whole album live in order the other week. Fucking crazy.
  18. Anything Slayer put out before South of Heaven wont have much of a groove, its thrash metal, its relentless from start to finish. Same goes for anything Sepultura did before Chaos AD. Chaos AD and Roots are groove era Sepultura. As for current Sepultura and Slayer, I wouldnt waste my time with either.
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    well early metallica is thrash, right? and that still has kind of a groove to it.

    like ride the lightning(the song), or something like orion or sanitarium

    i do like this song

    [ame=""]YouTube- Slayer - Hell Awaits (Studio Version)[/ame]

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